Hello world!

Let me first say, Roll Tide! The Alabama Crimson Tide stadium is where jealous teams come to get a whooping. I figured that if I stated that right up front I was sure to get some attention out there in the blog world. Occasionally, I will say things about football because my Husband is an avid fan and he knows every bit of BAMA fact, lore and trivia you could imagine. I’m serious, an editor for the biggest newspaper in Alabama sometimes calls him for back story information. Since that newspaper is now headed to the internet and staring in November with only publish a real paper three days a week, I thought this might be a chance to start a little network to share Bama news and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Now for the disclaimers. I have no idea how I will keep your attention with this little blog but I am going to try. The introduction letter said tell my blogger friends about who I am and why I want to do this blog. Not to be rude, but that is one sorry a$$ way to start a blog in my opinion.Who the heck cares who I am and my life story? I don’t and I lived it. If I had to guess most people spending time trying to read blogs want to be entertained or amused. The ones that want to write these things want to be heard. And as we have just seen, I am shameless when it comes to getting attention to hear my observations. Musings would be a better term for my views. For some unknown reason, I got the strange gift from the one up upstairs where people out of the blue feel comfortable telling me stuff. One time, when you could get full service at the gas station, a man washing my windshield ask me if he could practice what he was going to tell his wife that night. I thought the request was simple enough and said, “Sure , go ahead.” Well he started out rather as I had expected asking the most frequent question asked of a wife and mother, “What ‘s for dinner?” Then it went down hill from there. The man hemmed and hawed and put forth the most cockamamy excuse for adultery I have ever heard. He finished with, ” Honey Dear, do you  forgive me.” By that time I was rather in a hurry to get going to pick up my son from swim team practice.  He saw my face and knew I had some editing advice for him. Waiting for the opening  from him, I responded , ” No need to beat around the bush, sir, since that is what you have been doing anyway, instead I’d  believe I’d just hand her the frying pan and take it like a man.” He smiled and looked so relieved while saying, ” I think that is what I’m going to do. Thanks so much, Mame, want the air pressure in your tires checked?”

“No,” I said, “gotta go” Who the heck does that? Tells a complete stranger that he messed around and wants his wife to forgive him? After that, I started going down the street to the self serve. Not as awkward.

The next time someone told me something I really didn’t want to know was a few months later while I was buying bedding plants. It was at a nursery some man put right in his front yard in Cahaba Heights right around the corner from the gas station I mentioned before. Putting stuff in your front yard to sale is not an infrequent thing in Alabama. I happen to live in Mountain  Brook and that little Southern practice in quaintness is frowned upon  in my neighborhood where the nickname has always been , “The Tiny Kingdom.”  Anyway, the nicest black lady helped me. She kept asking me if I wanted extra things and I said well I only brought a little bit of cash so I am just going to pick up a few things. She kept insisting that I put two of everything thing I picked out in the car. She kept saying, she’d add it up and not to worry. I said ok since there were not prices on anything. As we approached the most gorgeous Black-Eyed Susans  you could ever imagine , I let out this sigh of awe. “Oh, those are beautiful, ” I said. She looked at me and she said ,”Do you want them?” I said, “Well if I could afford them, I’d love to have them.” She grinned the most amazing smile and said, ” Lady, you can afford them ’cause I am giving them to you.” Stunned I asked why. She said because that white man in there, my boss, made me do stiff I didn’t want to do, ” dropping her head, “and as far as I am concerned you’ve been the nicest person to me the whole time I’ve worked here. I don’t have any other job I can do and no where to go, but he doesn’t deserve to do those things to me. Ain’t got no way to get back at him and I got no other job waiting’ and my kids gotta be fed. So, I want you to take these Black-eyed Susans and remember me.” It took me a minute to completely get the picture of what she was telling me and I asked if I could get her some help; she said no with as much dignity as I have ever seen in any living soul. I told her I’d help her and she took my hand and said, “this is the greatest thing you could do for me, you listened and I will forever remember you. Now go get on out of here before he comes out.” Every two years, in my now neglected flower bed, a few beautiful Black-Eyed Susans open those vivid yellow petals and remind me that it takes so little to make a person feel important. They have been reminding me for 20 years. Just when I seem to have been to busy to care, somehow they open and I always remember my long gone friend.

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