Dreamin’ of Dreamland

Writer’s block already! It was such good news to see that people had taken time to read my first blog entry. Thanks. I am a hit in Germany! I have almost as many German reads on my stats as US. I couldn’t be more flattered. With all the economic news they are facing in Germany with Greece, it amazes me that a dozen or so folks took the time to read my blog. These first few blogs may be some of my favorites because for one important thing, as much as I love my Mom and her advice, her computer is broken and she can’t offer comments. One of the reasons I felt like it might be fun to write little blog posts is because FB is becoming a little too stifling. Not because they changed to the time line but because my Mom follows my posts and so I have to be reserved as to what I want to say. She doesn’t really like how I can express an opinion or say things that make people uncomfortable.  Also,  I have always taken a view that it is better to use two or three extra words to explain what you want to say than risk misunderstanding of context. FB is for the short-winded for sure. I also figured that some of the folks that I might want to describe wouldn’t take the time to read my blogs and therefore I have completely opened the door to my creative freedom. Folks, you need to try that it is such a wonderful feeling.   Truth is Fiction at its very best, is what I always say. I have run across some doozies of nit wits in my days and I cannot wait to share those stories with anyone that wants to be amused.

I guess that writer’s block has sort of passed because I am clicking through my mind’s file cabinet trying to decide which crazy person I have encountered I want to share with you now. Would you like to hear about the arrogant Daughter-Like-Mother tag team from my elementary school days, complete with harp concerts? Or maybe my roommate from college. Whoooa, on second thought I don’t know if I am ready to share that just yet. Maybe some history lessons from The Tiny Kingdom because those folks certainly wrote the book…and own it too! Remember, Birmingham has a special place in history and I know why.

Something else I want to chat about every once in a while is politics. I love politics as a spectator sport. I enjoy it as much as when I know the Bama Football season is drawing near because my usually, calm and devoted husband, starts humming DaDaDaDAaaDaaDaaDaDa, followed by singing Fight On!, Fight On!,  Fight On, Men! , Remember the Rose Bowl, We’ll Win Then. Go teach the Bulldogs to behave, send the Yellow Jackets to a watery grave, and when the band starts to weaken followed by the rest of the loveliest fight song ever written (besides Danny Boy)…. Then THE Cheer Starts….”Rammer Jammer , Yellow Hammer, Givum H#ll  Alabama!” Politics brings me almost that kind of feeling. I love when the other side screws up and gets an idiot for a running mate, or shows a “Ryan” Budget plan that only fools or the wealthy could love, or having Newt say he wants a space colony on the moon, or Mitt being all Mitt-like… only a bar of  Pure White Dove Soap could love that man, I have never seen a more boring individual. Face it , he is the kind of person that when you think of White Bread, his face is on the wrapper with all those little red and blue and yellow dots. Rustic sour-dough bread or pumpernickel or artisanal rosemary would cause  him to grimace and make his girdle shift. He just can’t let loose and admit others enjoy different things, and some of those things are better for you than pasty, processed, white flour bread, unless you add Dreamland’s BBQ sauce. Now that is an appetizer fit for a king! Bring on the Ribs and the drip bib!

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