Dear Abby, Where are you? Is it ethical….

…for a teacher of high school ROTC students to take the guys on a trip to Washington, D.C. and unbeknownst to the young men the teacher arranged for them to move his daughter into a new townhouse? The daughter bragged about it as “community service” and paid them with a chocolate cake. Surely she was joking and left out more important information.

Those are the facts as I know them. There may be more. But I am appalled at this decision by the teacher/father. It is not ever nice to take advantage of subordinates, in my opinion. If these folks were not so darn rigid in their beliefs and judgements of others because of their religious views, I might not be bothered by this behavior as much as I am now. What were they thinking ? Ethics is not part of religion? I don’t get it.

Now the dilemma, I face. Do I risk the obvious hard feelings that will arise if I respond, expressing my feelings? Do I let it go until the next offensive thing they do? Am I wanting to stick it to them instead of giving them a break? Do they deserve a break for an unethical action to others? The daughter posted her whole experience on FB and I so want to leave a comment. Where are you “Dear Abby” when I need you? 

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