Simple Strength

Every single day, I hear or read about someone that does amazing things. Sometimes those things benefit the world in astonishing ways and sometimes they just astonish the world. Like the headline about Jerry Sandusky, I saw about 27 minutes ago. He was found guilty of like 45 of 49 counts. What is surprising to me is that he was not found guilty of all of them. How about Ms. Klein, the bus monitor that put up with several, disrespecting 14 year olds for at least 15 minutes without just hauling off and giving a lecture to those rude and disgusting, foul-mouth kids about what is good and decent. I applaud her. Jerry Sandusky, I don’t even care about him one bit. The only thing I think about him is how sad it is that he convinced himself that what he did all these years was acceptable. He must have two personalities in his head. The one that thinks it is ok to abuse children and one who thinks he didn’t do anything wrong. Today I read that Dick Cheney’s daughter married her same sex partner. Good for them. Her father spent many a day criticizing those that think marriage is between people that love each other rather than just a man and a woman. His mean spirit has always astonished me. He has convinced himself that he can say one thing and live another, or at least his family can. It is odd. Maybe Mr. Cheney and Mr. Sandusky need to think about the lives they lead. Mrs. Klein, has mastered something that those two successful bullies never managed to do in their professional and private lives, she learned that you can be good no matter what, you can make every moment be something you are proud of by respecting others, and not forcing your will on somebody else. She may not be a former Vice President or a  football coach at a famous school but she is one astonishing lady that teaches us all something valuable.  

    This blog thing is one more fun thing to do. One day writing about a funny story may be my aim, then the next day, I can give the little preachings I so enjoy sharing. It does not matter because I am not focused on telling you about me as much as telling you about all of us. We all have some things to learn. I have lived a few different things that you probably have not experienced. There are many of you that have been down paths I could never imagine. I’d love to hear those things. I wanted a place to say things that maybe my friends on FB might think are a bit to close to home for them. This  place makes it easy. I can say what I want without them knowing or caring because they don’t have to read this little bit of babble unless they actually make an effort to follow my blogs. It puts the responsibility on them. 

     Now my first step out into the wild blue yonder…. My religious relatives drive me freaking Crazy , with a capital C. Heck, maybe even a CAPITAL EVERYTHING!!! Who died and appointed them moral and religious dictator of the world?  Religion is one of those “inside your head things to explain” but a really “outside how you act is important kinda thing.” I do not care what your religion is as long as you respect others and don’t put yourself in front of everyone else in the line at the grocery store. If you drive that loaded-down grocery cart as a weapon to cut off your neighbor who just has a few items to check out, then you don’t have religion. You ain’t got what it takes yet to move on to the express lane of goodness. It is pretty simple. If you pontificate and base your whole moral code written by some uneducated, desert drifters with a political agenda , (Yes, Sir, even back then you had Paul and his buddies spreading the word the same easy way Fox gives us news today complete with a few miracles added in to capture the ratings group), then you are not using your God given brain to figure out life. My religious relatives justify every mean-spirited thing they are against on some verse of the Bible. I tried to tell them that I don’t have a problem with “the words of God”, I  have an issue with God’s words translated from from man’s mouth. Boy, that got me the cold shoulder, as you can imagine…. More to come…thanks for reading. 


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  1. bamamagput says:

    On second thought, I think I could take fifteen minutes of constant insults for 600,000 dollars! Thank goodness there are more good people than bad in this world. It is good to know that over a half a million dollars was donated to Mrs. Klein in the 31 hours following the posting of the video on youtube. Good job , Mrs. Klein, you taught us all something.

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