AC advice

My Husband is a genius….really! He is Pi Beta Kappa and graduated top in his law class (or maybe second because he and the guy that were #one and #two tied and both have always said they were second, only the wives say they are first, gosh those fellows are nice, who said all lawyers are mean? Shows that whoever said that didn’t know what they are talking about…); he also has one of those HSAM Marylu Henner type memory systems. Last night, our downstairs air conditioner was not working properly. It would blow like crazy but the air was room temperature at best and hot as the Dickens at worst. Fortunately, the upstairs one was pulling extra duty. Summer started here in Alabama rather hot, low to mid 90’s, making two floors in our house hot as Hades. My husband is one more brave heart; he donned his Bama striped robe and headed outside with a flashlight to see if he could make out the  source of the AC problem. No luck. He went to the electrical panel and nothing seemed “off.” Thus he retired to the cool, crisp top floor to wait till morning . At sunrise, he was on the trusty iPad searching for an AC repairman. He located one from the company that put in the jet- engine- turbine-wind-tunnel fan we just recently installed during the kitchen renovation. He must have awoken and startled the repair man because my , sweet, usually calm, husband got off the phone muttering. He NEVER mutters.

Two weeks ago Ann Coulter ruined my week when she appeared on George Stephanopolis’s Sunday show by spewing, and I mean spewing, her particular form of fury. God help that poor, skinny, shrew. Sundays are a time of calm; a time of peace, of reflection, of rest. But that little talking skeleton with the straw hair, set the tone for one heck of a downer week. If that nasal, growling, unpleasant woman could ruin a whole week by letting all that toxic gas expand throughout the HDTV waves, I was a bit scared this little AC problem might disturb the peace and tranquility of our Sunday.

My husband had all the right answers,” It is blowing but the compressor is not kicking on. It is like it is not getting electricity.” He check the outdoor fuse to the unit, he checked the electrical panel. All to no avail. He was all over the possible issues , but alas, 219 dollars later bought the answer to the mystery. Yes. Even if the breakers are in the right position, you must flip them off then back on! So simple, so elegant , so expensive to experience. For a mere 4 and one half minutes of  “Sunday” work, the AC repair man  drove away with our $219.oo check. My husband looked forlorn. If only, he had flip the switch, the cool air would have returned. Just as if I had flipped the switch when little, ole’, scrawny , Ann was vaporizing the airwaves two weeks ago, the cool air would have returned and my week would have been better, so, so much better. Lessons learned . Feel free to share our learned wisdom. To add a bit more, this was not the original story I wanted to share. I have a feeling, someone, somewhere is laughing knowing that Ann Coulter is hyperventilating because she got to us with her spiel of fortune as a political analyst. She almost ruined my 25 + marriage to the most wonderful, loving, calm, kind, and smart husband, with all the vapid, vexing, vicious, pontificating she mastered with such explosive, combustible , hot air. She needs to be put on someone’s prayer list. Better yet, someone needs to get that girl a serious air-conditioning unit. The large capacity model HVAC unit with a heat pump that takes advantage of the way phase changes work, where latent heat is released at a constant temperature during a liquid/gas phase change, and where varying the pressure of a pure substance also varies its condensation/boiling point. (I got that directly from Wikipedia…if anyone was wondering.) would be the one I would recommend. Maybe she would cool down a little and listen to others for a change, instead of sucking all the air out of the room leaving a hot, nasty, sweaty, mess. Just my opinion but as with anything, you get what you pay for when it comes to AC advice.

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