Grover Norquist , Was I misinformed?

Love is a crazy thing. Today, I started out to write a little quick essay explaining why I disagree with Grover Norquist’s tax pledge. Instead, I changed my mind and decided to understand a deeper subject. Why we love some things and why we hate others. Hate seems to be the easy part the equation, love is the wild card.

Last night my  very enlightened friend of many years, posed a FB question that took her page by storm. She asked why people were willing to say President Obama was unpatriotic. The comments multiplied, till I finally decided to go to bed after reading 45. The first comment called President Obama a “Muslim.”  From that point on, the discussion took rip-roaring to a new level. The poor woman presented not one fact to support her claim but kept ranting with emotional gusto for hours. One person tried to kindly direct her to present facts to prove her claim. Well, that went over like soggy cornbread. She was having no part of it. Eventually she, resorted to using the “F” idea of name calling about a half a dozen times. When she felt the “F” idea wasn’t working, she added  the “ool”  to the moniker. It got no better. Discussions like that  make me ask questions and the ones that I want to know the answers to are….Why is it not enough to disagree with Democratic Presidents? Why do Republicans have to demonize Democratic Presidents? It spurs the base to use the language of religion for sure. It gets people riled up willing to shove their “Bible ” principles  right off a cliff. But does it help? I have one bit of wisdom that is worth repeating…. You can dislike the man, but you have to respect the Office.

All that ugliness last night made me want to write a bit of political opinion today. This is how I see it; I think Grover Norquist is one dangerous fellow. Now he looks all innocuous with that fat little fuzzy face but that he has some serious issues…and he has created institutes to deal with them. He reminds me of that guy full of nerdiness you see wearing those black pleather shoes with the thick, black soles, sporting a short-sleeve white dress shirt and equally ugly tie at the convenience store, grimacing at little kids who are begging their Moms for colorful Skittles while getting a little too close in his personal space. A-l-l-l-l the while he is trying to count out p-e-n-n-i-e-s for the two gallons of gas he just put in his ancient , faded -blue  Dodge Dart that gets 3 miles to the tank but makes up for the thrift by spewing, big clouds of grey, smoke from its tailpipe as he accelerates through the peaceful neighborhood. He is not the kind of guy you want to live next door. At least that is what I thought before I did a little research on old Grover. Comes to find out , I might have been wrong about that little twerp.

He actually fell in love. Yes, and I am not talking about with his tax pledge. He fell in love so deeply that he actually got married. Yes Sireee. According to the Weston marriage records, Grover Glenn Norquist married Samah Alrayyes on November, 27, 2004. I discovered that the New York Times also noted the love connection in of all places, Political Point By SHERYL GAY STOLBERG and JOHN TIERNEY; Katherine Q. Seelye Published: August 31, 2004. (page three) . A curious little couple of paragraphs, not like the way our little Tiny Kingdom newspaper “The Over-The-Mountain Journal” writes up nuptials, but who am I to judge matters of love announcements? I only read them to look for ugly brides and see where the couples’ parents send them for their exotic honeymoons…with a nip of a jealously. Here is a few paragraphs from the NYTimes article..

Of Marriage Vows And No-Tax Pledges

WHY, at the tender age of 47, did Grover G. Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform and the scourge of tax-raising legislators on Capitol Hill, finally decide to get married?

”I signed up because I was promised there was a tax credit involved,” Mr. Norquist said yesterday, standing with his fiancée, Samah Alrayyes, 31. ”Was I misinformed?”

Mr. Norquist was getting ready to celebrate the legislators who have signed his group’s no-tax pledge at the kind of place where a tax cut comes in handy: the New York Yacht Club. He dismissed the idea that the venue might confirm Democratic stereotypes about Republicans.

”The Democrats always talk about rich Republicans, but there are always more furs and Cadillacs at their events,” said Mr. Norquist, who announced his engagement at one of his recent Wednesday meetings, the weekly strategy session of the Washington conservative establishment.

As much as Mr. Norquist approved of President Bush’s tax cuts, he said he wanted to hear about new topics in the president’s speech on Thursday night.

”What he has to do in the speech,” Mr. Norquist suggested, ”is say, Here’s what we did, and we were right and they were wrong, and then pivot quickly around to the future. You don’t get re-elected as a thank-you. ”

Miss Alrayyes, a public affairs officer at the United States Agency for International Development, said she too was a Republican believer in tax relief, though that did not guide her marital choice.

Under prodding, Mr. Norquist conceded that a tax credit hadn’t really guided his decision either.

”No,” he said, giving her a hug and kiss, ”it wasn’t about a tax credit. I would have done it even if it was just a deduction.”

Good to know, Mr. Norquist. Good to Know. Glad that love means something to you and you can overlook religion and prejudices that others can’t ignore. If only everyone else in your party could be as generous of heart and accept others religion and views, maybe the “Muslim”  discussions might be minimized when directed at our President. Evidently, Mr. Norquist thinks those subjects are off limits. There are umpteen stories about his wife if you bother to look at then internet. I am not that inclined. However I did read the Article in the Los Angles Times:

New York mosque debate splits GOP

Some Republicans fear the issue will be a distraction as elections near and that it will undercut the party’s efforts to broaden its base.

August 17, 2010|By Janet Hook and Tom Hamburger, Tribune Washington Bureau

(I found this section interesting)

“Gingrich, in recent appearances, has compared construction of the mosque to placing Nazi signs near Holocaust memorials. Sarah Palin, former GOP vice presidential nominee, called the mosque project an “unnecessary provocation” in a Twitter message.

“Ground Zero Mosque supporters: Doesn’t it stab you in the heart, as it does ours throughout the heartland,” read another message by Palin, who like Gingrich is a potential presidential aspirant with an eye on the party’s conservative base.

Norquist, whose wife is Muslim, has emerged as the most outspoken foe of politicizing the mosque issue.”

Wow. If you take the time to read stuff, oh the things you will learn.  I don’t recall ever reading about Mr. Norquist efforts to lower the tone about the Mosque issue in New York. Maybe if he should change his “Americans for Tax Reform” Pledge to one along the lines of “Americans Against Calling People Names Reform” Pledge and then get all the politicians to sign it. Just my opinion but I think that would be a better use of his skills. I might even sign it, on second thought, naaaa. I learned my lesson about signing stuff in Junior High when I signed my name to Georgia Carter’s slam book, I ain’t doin’ that again.

Disclaimer… I don’t really remember who wrote that book, Georgia! But I always loved how melodic your name sounded. It just seemed to fit with Grover Norquist, all the letters and sounds seems to blend so nicely, pointing out the differences with his sharp weird spelling and your pure simple beautiful name. It gave it that subtle inference of Southern verses Yankee tension we so adore here in the Heart of Dixie. Love ya, girl!


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2 Responses to Grover Norquist , Was I misinformed?

  1. rakanjb says:

    I think this is a great article. There’s enough in here to make the conversation go in several directions. I, too, think Norquist is a scary dude. I mean, I can respect his consistency in his viewpoints, even if I disagree with him. On the whole, he is a man who lives quite modestly despite his wealth and really made his living through hard work.

    Having said that, I think his view of taxes are unrealistic. Everyone wants America to be the fantastic nation it is. I do too. But no country can become great without investments – in education, infrastructure, economy, etc. – and no country can invest without money. Right now, there is a revenue problem in America (the spending problem is only have of the predicament). The only way to get our fiscal solvency back without running up large debts is to raise taxes. But with any other investment, the American people should expect some good to come of it.

    The main thrust of my argument, as it relates to your entry, is not about taxes, but Islam. The Republicans are completely convinced that Obama is a Muslim because his father was raised a Muslim (not fundamentalist Muslim) but later became an atheist, like Obama’s mother. After they divorced when he was two, Obama’s mother married another Muslim, this time from Indonesia, but was sent to a secular school in a Muslim country. This apparently evidence enough that Obama is a Muslim. Nevermind the fact, he subsequently went to Catholic schools. Wouldn’t that, in fact, make him a Catholic? His mom was atheist. She kept his upbringing secular.

    Now imagine, if you will, if Obama MARRIED a Muslim woman, exactly as Norquist has done. Imagine the hate filled vitriol coming from the right regarding Obama’s Islamic connections. Not only would he be a Muslim, they’d accuse him of dining with terrorists at Ramadan, when he sees her family. But Norquist married a Muslim. What does the right have to say about it? Nothing. It’s a nonissue? Why?

    And I wonder what Norquist’s wife has to say about building a mosque near the 9/11 site, which, if you want to be technical about it, is FAR from the site and is separated from ground zero by another mosque, a church and a plethora of porn stores.

    • bamamagput says:

      Excellent discussion and analysis, Rakan. You explained it perfectly. I usually think politician’s families are not part of the story but in today’s climate a gentle nugget of knowledge is useful to move the discussion to a better place. Grover Norquist has everyone by the “balls” according to many sources. We can’t even vote the guy out of office. Why can’t the Republicans do as Nancy Reagan suggested, “Just Say No?” The problems of this country are way too complex for us to tie up the possible answers by Norquist’s idea of Government. If we take the view that we don’t need government and do as he suggested, “Shrink it till in fits in a bath tub and then drown it.” I am afraid we wouldn’t be able to get out of our driveways because we wouldn’t be able to drive on the roads because there would be NO roads. If you break down what the man says, it is foolishness on steroids. Yet, Americans are willing to believe anything.

      I have to say, I had never heard anything about his wife before and it doesn’t matter to me if she believes in Peach Pits or Magic Hubcaps, I don’t care. It is just the hypocrisy of the Republicans battle cries that truly bothers me. By the way, I think she was born in a foreign country. Hope she has papers when she travels to Arizona or Alabama! hahaha. Sad but true!

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