Ridley Scott and Richard Shelby , what were you thinking? Prometheus and S.3220

Ok, I love mythology as much as anyone, but the chance that I would get two modern-day examples in one day is waaaaaaay beyond mystic. I take that as a sign. An analysis of Southern Proportion is in order. If you ever felt it was ok to join a discussion, please feel free to add a comment here about the issues I am bringing to your attention. No need to get all hostile about my lack of expertise because let’s face it, I’ve been doing this blog for two weeks and I barely know how to use spell check much less what RSS does. Keep your focus here, lets talk politics.

For the first time this summer, my Husband and I were empty nesters. My son is at law school and my daughter in the mountains of North Carolina at a Leadership Conference  where she was selected to represent the State of Alabama. We are very proud parents. However, the joy of going to movie and spending time together was a real treat for my busy Husband and me. The notion of being spontaneous and selecting a movie was a rare gift to us old fuddled duddies. We grabbed my iPhone which has an app I got free (or was it  .99 cents?), doesn’t matter cause it is worth every penny, called Flixter. It is one more handy little piece of software. No more pulling the crinkled newspaper out of the garbage to locate the times for movies, a clink of a button and ALL times and locations appear like some magic gizmo from the Wizarding Times newspaper in Harry Potter.  We took a few minutes and despite the appeal of Brave, which looked to me to be the best movie choice of the weekend, we settled on Prometheus. I really don’t like to research movies too much before I sit in the theater and enjoy the images on the big screen, so I had no idea what this epic was all about.

We arrived in time to get our snacks, no kidding small popcorn…6.50. Did you hear me? Six dollars and fifty cents for ten kernels of buttered popcorn. My sweet husband really splurges on date afternoon, matinée special and expensive popcorn. We walked in to the theater and climbed the stairs like patrons of arenas of old must have done. I was so ready for the escape into a visual thrilling movie about , get this, Prometheus. Instead, before the movies even started it was hot. The theater had not even one fan blowing. Hot air was rising up in the higher regions of the theater. There were seven lucky people in that hot place. Outside the temperature was 103 degrees. Our state was experiencing a heat wave. This led me to I believe the other folks might complain about the heat as well. No one did. Then I thought, “Well, maybe they are saving energy until the movie starts.” But my few, and I mean very few,  Republican miserly notions kicked in and reality hit me, no corporate business genius would allow customers to suffer through the commercials when that was the very thing they used to sell upcoming features. I knew something was wrong.  I waited until I was sure it was not my first experience with a hot flash, like the ones I had been hearing about from my friends. Then being one not to sit by and let somethings as miserable as a faulty air conditioner, stop me. I went to get some attention. Sweating,  I said, ” Young man, are you kidding, there is not even a paper fan blowing in our theater. Do you think you could call someone to fix it?” I felt so academic and scholarly when I responded to his question,” Why, WE are in theater number 4 where PROMETHEUS is showing.” I thought he gave me a bit a an odd look. Or was it a sneer? You just can’t judge people anymore by facial expressions. Must be all the technology they use to keep from direct associations.  Anyway, I returned and in a few minutes the air was cooling.

And then the worst movie, since we as a family suffered through The Barney Movie when my youngest was a toddler, started and continued through 124 minutes…that is 5,040 loooooonnnnnnggggg seconds. Check my math here, I am still recovering from the trauma. The scene where the poor woman who was knocked up by her tipsy, alien- infected soul mate ,  trying to seek out her creator , gave HERSELF a c-section , has to be a movie milestone of diminished creative judgment. No normal person would think that is anywhere near entertaining. Horrifying, maybe, entertaining, hardly…. Unless, you are one of those strong ideologues that turns to Fox for news or the regular, scheduled primetime soft porn they peddle. I don’t get where Fox draws its Christian audience from because the only thing they have going for them is “American Idol” or smutty shows that should make Sunday School ladies blush; unless I don’t understand the concept of religion. Am I wrong? Traumatized, I told you already!

Was this faux myth a political statement about what Healthcare would look like by Republicans? Is this the Sen. Paul Ryan plan to “extend its solvency” of Medicare? This movie was all about the value of  Corporations and who pays the bills. We got that message. If this is the Repubs idea of healthcare, let me out of here. I know my limits and self surgery beyond a couple of splinter removals is about as much as I am buying into. Give me OBAMACARE any day. I’ll take my chances, and be I’ll be very HAPPY!

We finally melted out of the theater and headed home too stunned to speak. As we pulled into the driveway, I hopped out of the car and gathered my mail from the mailbox. Yes, our mailman, Mr. Pickle still delivers on Saturday. To my wondering eyes what did appear but a nice letter from my Senator, Richard Shelby. I tore into the envelope hoping that he really had taken the time to read my hastily sent e-mail about “The Paycheck Fairness Act. ” Although I already knew he voted against S. 3220, woman getting equal pay , I was curious about what he had to say. I love getting mail be it a post card or something from the hallowed (or shallowed) halls of our Nation’s Capitol. I eagerly torn into the official mail franked letter which didn’t have to carry postage and stopped in my tracks.  I was stunned to see the reasoning behind his vote. Was this a letter from Prometheus? A little Wiki knowledge is in order here for those that haven’t a clue who Prometheus was… “In the Western classical tradition, Prometheus became a figure who represented human striving, particularly the quest for scientific knowledge, and the risk of overreaching or unintended consequences. In particular, he was regarded in the Romantic era as embodying the lone genius whose efforts to improve human existence could also result in tragedy: Mary Shelley, for instance, gave The Modern Prometheus as the subtitle to her novel Frankenstein (1818)…” No, this was a form letter from my caring Senator. It was real and it was on his fine paper. He had sent it out to every other person that had bothered to message him.

From years of experience, I have two very unique abilities. One…people tell me stuff ( see my blog “Welcome World”) and Two… I have a superb ability to detect Bull$#it. So, Sen. Shelby, I’m calling Bull$#it. You who have for years, smelled the poots of trial lawyers and declared them perfume, now you claim to have turned your back on them. Hogwash. What myth are you trying to pull over our eyes? Surely, you see the value of paying an equal and fair wage to all. If not, maybe you could get a free showing of the hero woman in Ridley’s movie.

Yet, you wrote, “I voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act because the bill eliminates all limits to damage awards made under the Equal Pay Act, even when a disparity in pay is unintentional.” What does that mean , exactly? It is ok to discriminate if it is intentional?

Your  reasoning sounds a lot like,

Honey, you may not believe it now,  but once you get use to it, you’ll love being paid less than a man for the same job.

Anybody else, agree with my interpretation of this quaint notion as, Bull$#it?

Here is a copy of the letter:

 I  can’t help but notice that “meth” is in Prometheus. Is that some weird cosmic mythological message? I am sure Fox would report it that way. And we all know, Fox is Fair and Balanced. Please , oh, please, mythic Gods, let me be the first to use this description of the creepy robot left with the c-section woman and an alien hatching from the mercury gunk at the end of the movie, Meth Head. I can see the prequel  title now, “Meth Head Gets Ejected From Rehab.” Just thinking and wondering. Sorry, but I won’t be at your next seven person blockbuster, Mr. Scott. I’ll still be waiting, for my fair and equal pay check.

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