Apple App seemed reasonable

Twitter does not hold my interest. But to stave off the possibility for Alzheimer’s , I make myself try new technology. I have used Twitter to bust a chop or two at Comcast. Believe it or not, they actually have a VP that follows twitter comments relating to Comcast and he is much faster than the people who are part of the customer service section. I know because during the destruction of the April tornadoes in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, last year  I had to contact them a gazillion times to get them to understand the magnitude of the devastation. Somehow they thought all the people calling were just trying to get out of paying their bills. I guess. It didn’t occur to them that those folks couldn’t find their “boxes” in the rubble. Until they finally got the message from the folks in their offices that things were really bad, and no one had service, many didn’t even have homes, the message finally sunk in. To be fair,  conditions were awful and no one really had much a clue what to do at first. Comcast finally came around and gave my son a credit for the lack of service and then promptly charged him extra when he moved to another state for Law School and had to sign up again for Comcast. Somehow that credit turned into a late charge. We never got it fixed and just paid the darn thing. I still harbor bad feelings, but one must move on. So my twitter experience, is limited. Occasionally I do enjoy the  hilarious Tweets from Andy Borowitz that make me giggle out loud. Yesterday he tweeted

4 more months of listening to Mitt Romney talk. Replace “months” with “years” and you have a good reason to vote for Obama right there.

HAHAHAHA… See I told you he was funny. Might I add, the rantings of Mitt’s wife this past weekend on the CBS News interview on 4th of July was enough to beg for mercy. Come on, Ann, do you have any idea what you are getting into? The Secret Service has reasons for you not to say crazy stuff about the President.

So, as with Twitter, I also gave Apple a chance to enlighten me as well with their apps. I found one today that just might do the trick to strengthen my mental exercises to ward off Alzheimer’s.  Yes, the folks at the Library of Congress has an app offered free to anyone who wants to know what our Congressmen are up to on any given day. Sort of the C-Span for the iPhone, The Congressional Record for dummies. Ahhh, the snooze button on my iPhone clock is pressed already. I don’t want to miss a thrilling moment of the sessions of anger and willful rejections by the House Republicans. I couldn’t resist , I need to share a little you tube link that might amuse you:  

Here is the way I found the Congressional Record App offered by Apple, on my iPhone. Located between MoPho Photo Gifts and the Amoebas Attack , and placed right above the Jar on the Bar app, it couldn’t be any easier to find. I think that probably sums up the day for many of the less serious members of our Legislative Branch… photos, a little bit of work, followed by a trip to the bar.  Sometimes I wonder if a certain  leader in the house who is prone to showing tears on occasion, doesn’t do the day backwards. I think …. I’m Against It.

The Congressional Report

Yep, right there for free. Probably the same line up as the next legislation they plan to vote on.

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