The Princess And the Pea

This is a test and you will be graded on it . Read all remarks and correct all typoandgrammar errors. I am typing this blog post with one fingertip on my iPhone as we are about to leave to take the Princess to University of Texas for a two week debate camp. Pray for me as we drive to Austin with a stop to see the Prince and drop off the royal pooches.

As we were about to leave the Princess asked me to make her a holder for her curling iron! Yes, a curling iron case. What pray tell do you use to make a curling ironcadre in two minutes? Aha , her answer will amaze you….my brandbrew , never , usedI, only for company, Williams Sonoma  potholder! Yes, your magisty. Why of course anything to please the  Princess.

It reminded me of when I was in 3rd grade and my teacher ,Mrs. Lecates wrote a poem for each of us and glued it to a felt stocking. I so wanted her to say , Leigh is such a pretty girl  , instead my poem , began , “Leigh is such a versatile girl.” I was crushed when I looked up the word in my dictionary… Do they still make those things? … Yep, Mrs. Lecates had my number! Potholders to curling iron covers, that is me.

Add to that security system technology specialist and you might have an idea of the beginning of our trip. Long story to follow on the security issue thing, for sure.

Just stopped to get our first road refreshments on our long trip to Texas, one mile from our home. Yep, the Piggly Wiggly, they asked what I wanted and said ,”Oh, cherry lifesavers will do it,” as I waited in the hot car with two dogs. The Princess returned with SUGERFREE cherrylifesavers. Arrrrrg, a long trip already!

Why the title you may wonder, it reminds me of my first Dramatic role in college. A friend who I tried to help out with her directing debut, aaked me to try  out for the play. After  a couple of beers from PByC for you ASC fans,. I was so good they had me read for the lead. I thought I had finally made it , I was going to be a Princess ,.twas  not to be, I was the Pea. A versatile one , but a Pea indeed. Catch you later on the other side of Mississippi. Hope for smooth roads and lots of gas stations, I need more lifesavers!

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