The Prince and the Pauper

Where is the white gravy?

I told you I needed gas.

The Prince and Princess

The Prince always has this unique way of making us think. For instance, this past Friday on our trip to drop the Princess off at Debate camp at The University of Texas with a stop in Jackson to leave the dogs, he awoke us at 6:30 AM to tell us he’d already taken the royal hounds for a walk around the Mississippi State capital. He told us to meet him at the Shell Petrol dispensary because his chariot was low on gas.

Bleary-eyed, I told him no, meet us at our room at the castle Inn of Hampton where we could all enjoy free breakfast. He was all over that suggestion , not so much the breakfast, but the free part. He arrived and good morning cheer ensued, not. Cheerfulness is no easy task in this Royal family, only one, maybe two, of us is a morning person.
After breakfast, sans white gravy one cheerfully noticed, we headed to the gas station. Oops, maybe not. The memory of the Prince’s words reverberated in my mind, ” I coasted in here on fumes.” Seems the Prince knew what he was talking about.
It takes skill to maneuver the Caddy Chariot 100 feet past the gas station through the gates of the Inn of Hampton. The Prince knows his ride well. His 16 dollar a day budget takes amazing discipline. So after purchasing a red plastic, gas can with evidently a rather  complicated spout mechanism that presented the Prince with a bit of trouble, we headed to the Kroger’s for some groceries.

The Prince is nothing if not thrifty. He has to be on his 16$ daily budget. I don’t begrudge him groceries, but the notion of running your car’s gas tank to fumes makes me scratch my head in confusion. His father is still not too sure if we picked up the right child at the hospital all those years ago. I had my doubts as well.

We arrive at the store and lo, several old ladies start smiling and waving at our Prince. I thought it was sweet. Little did I know that our popular son was a member of “The Kroger Coffee Club.”  The things you learn when you travel. Then before you could say , ” Blue Suede Shoes,” there standing in front of us was a fat Elvis impersonator. “I Was All Shook Up.” More shocking than seeing Elvis was the reality that The Prince knew him. Yes, The Prince knew The King.

As we gathered the groceries, the thought hit me. Who said memories are priceless? We just spent 58 dollars for gas plus 10 dollars for a gas can, 78 for groceries and a free breakfast. My son had, exercised two dogs, run out of gas, gotten a free breakfast, been perplexed by a gas can, visited with the Kroger Coffee Club, spoken to the The King of Rock and Roll , and it was not even 9 AM in the morning.  I looked at him and as he smiled and winked at me he said, “Future clients.” Yes, he is also a master of networking Mississippi style. HE is going to be one GREAT Lawyer!  We may end up Paupers but I LOVE my Prince.

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