The Fat Revenge of The Slim Princess

OMG. What would Lincoln think of this turn of debate events? Oh, how sweet it is when fate steps in to sooth a slight. Most times Fate takes that long-boat to China before it decides to tip its hand. It makes you wait and trudge that crooked road to acceptance and maturity. At least that has always been my experience. Not so for my slim Princess. She was born under a lucky star. No doubt about it.

Once the Prince found a penny and not 20 feet away, the Princess glanced down and captured the moment by calmly, smiling and picking up another coin waiting to be found. With confidence, she spoke, “I found a dime, ten times more than your coin.” The sibling rivalry started. Don’t even ask how many scratchies she had swiped and won. Just know that on one card alone, she got a win on every number; that card brought 100 dollars and a legend was born. She was born on her due date too, exactly as she was expected. It makes no sense to mess with Karma or Fate. The Princess is blessed. Oh, to be so lucky.

Well the latest news of the debate camp experience arrived by text this evening. Evidently, the dress code in Texas schools must be a bit well, loose. The Princess had to have a debate round with the FATTED cow that insulted the Princess two days ago. As amazing as this may sound , I simply cannot make this up because I am not near that clever. The FAT chic  for some ungodly reason, decided to wear a sleeveless dress to a formal debate. Why? Only uncouth,  fashion morons would do such a thing. The fates just couldn’t keep from taking the opportunity to make an appearance. Boy did they, Or should I say, girls did they? The FAT chic experienced a nip slip , yes sirreeee,  a major wardrobe malfunction and a nip was loose for three w-h-o-l-e seconds!!! The Princess won with a 3-0 decision. That means , the Princess won over every Judge, a Complete Romp or a Grand Slam of Debate; to a Debater, it is the reason for being.

Validation to my grievances never happens in such a public and timely way. I always have to wait till I have grown past the relishing point to when it doesn’t matter to me anymore. I never get to enjoy that in-the-current-moment feeling. So, this is special. We need to have a moral here, a lesson to learn, something that makes us wise. What can it be? Hummmm, how about the advice from that old Jim Croce song sung by college kids at most Frat parties at least once :

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
You don’t spit into the wind
You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
And you don’t mess around with … Slim.

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