Travel Makes You Sharp and Gives One Fresh Perspectives

For the past two weeks we have been on the road or in a plane traveling to and fro across the country. It is fair to say we are travel rusty because of the many responsibilities that keep us homebound. However, watching “Amazing Race” for several seasons, has been very helpful. For instance, when my Husband missed the 5334B exit, I was able to remind him that the couples on “The Race” tend to come in l-a-s-t when they lose their temper.

Time to turn on that radio. Music separates us; he likes 60’s and I prefer 70’s. Sirius Radio makes the great divide worse because there are no commercials to distract us from each and every song of the genre known to man playing uninterrupted for hours and hours or miles and miles, however you define , forever. I believe the song “Seasons of Love ” from “Rent”calculates it pretty accurately…

” a year is 525,600 minutes 525,600 minutes – how do you measure, measure a year?
In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee.
In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife..

I think you get the comparison, a long time.  Add to the play list, semi-new songs  because I like stuff on “HITS 1” or “The Pulse” channels; boy, does that make him really grouchy. I have no idea why , unless it is the repetitive words and rhythms. He gets back at me with the “Paul Finebaum” sports station where all the people with mental illnesses call in to pat each other on the back because the don’t know anything about football and love to sound stupid.  Thankfully, my Husband and I  meet together musically when that major hit , “Sweet Home Alabama” blares through the speakers ( A little side thank-you to Mr. Jimmy Johnson, the man behind the music on that major rock and roll hit… every Bama man and woman salutes you). Now that is real music!

My friend warned her FB friends months ago that musical preferences between spouses could cause frustration during travel but I thought she was just being hilarious again. Little did I know she was telling the truth. She is the funniest soul I have ever known and I wished that I could have  possessed just a smidgen of her quick-witted skill when I made my request to my Husband to change the station. Oh he responded to it all right, leaving my hands gripping the hold-on handle above the door and my hair flying back leaving a brown streak ever so gently brushed with gray whipping against the headrest as the automatic-speed-adjusted cruise-control kicked it up a notch. Waco here we come. Isn’t is historically funny that the city of Waco is one letter away from Wacko?

I can’t wait to post a proper blog post when I get home. This iPhone just doesn’t give me the flexibility I prefer when I write. My spelling and syntax suffer when I have to type with one finger tip. Sincerely, I want to take the time to thank everyone that has spent even a second of your busy day to read my blog. I am loving the experience and everyone has been so amazingly kind to send me messages and comments about my musings. You are the best folks around. It tickles me silly to think I have made you laugh.

Excitedly, I want to send the person that spent so much time writing to me complaining about my parenting advice in a recent blog post to my own daughter in a rather tongue in cheek style, an extra thank you. Your comments made me go back to see you what you were so darned outraged about and I had to smile with delight because I never would have know how funny I was to write such a thing. Honey, it was satire and sarcasm.

To “Coolgirl” , dear friend or relative , you need to catch a breath and exhale, get some oxygen to that pea-brain of yours. Let me suggest you might need benefit from a little travel yourself. It works wonders for those little dispositional disorders. How about a visit to Waco? You’d fit right in there. I know for a fact , Waco is 104 degrees today. Just grab some lemonade , turn up the air-conditioning, put on your favorite music ( the Christian Rap station on Sirius called  “The Word” or maybe “Nascar” might be your speed) and relax. Since you were ever so hot over my blog, maybe you would enjoy the one  I wrote, entitled “AC Advice.” Feel free to check it out.

Calm down, and be wise. You have no bidness telling me how to raise my Sweetie. What experience do you have as a parent? None, I suspect.

Oh, yeah, you were right about one thing, I am a horrible person. Remember it, and don’t expect a Christmas card from me this year, unless I win the 158 million jackpot from all those tickets I bought in Louisiana, South Carolina, Texas and Colorado. On second thought,  just look for my smiling face on every billboard from Columbia, South Carolina to  Denver, Colorado. The little royal -hand wave will be just for you.

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