Too Late to Post

This is the message I wrote to comments to a person expressing appreciation for Mr. Cathy and his restaurant chains. I made a mistake when I first started to comment on the site so I deleted the draft of the comments. By the time I was able to get back to the place to post, the person had deleted their original comments. Since I spent the time to write this message and I learned so much in the process I thought I’d post it here. I realize it will be hard to connect my responses to his discussion without his words, but I think I have a few points that are worth sharing. This is completely my opinion and my efforts to try to see what the controversy was all about. As with anything, if other information or facts are available to me, I might change my mind.

I hate to bring the attention away from your delightful little fairy tale but, have you also stopped to consider that Mr. Cathy contributions reported by many, even including the simplistic CBS July 27, 2012 2:24 PM Political Hotsheet,Chick-fil-A‘s Political Grilling”  and other sources readily available on the internet, to organizations listed on The Southern Poverty Law Center list of “hate organizations” might make me think I do not want to support his restaurant chains? Since you worked at WinShape then maybe you can directly answer the question I have been wondering about since this debate started. Does WinShape give money to Family Research Council? If so this link may be of interest to you.     When I go shopping at Christmas, I do not mind dropping money into the little red buckets belonging to the Salvation Army but I would think twice and decide correctly about dropping even one thin dime into a KKK bucket. I use that as example not as fact that Mr. Cathy would ever support the KKK, however, The Southern Poverty Law Center is pretty stout authorities on all things discriminatory and hateful. (The Southern Poverty Law Center has a very detailed historical account of the  Family Research Council organization and in it there is mention of a someone associated with KKK in the past having a connection to the group.) Read it yourself and see if it makes sense or describes the group you associate with so proudly.

I am not a journalist or any type of specialized professional , just a regular old stay at home mom that values the good things in people and life. I live in Alabama and I can tell you about the scars to people and community when someone takes time and religion to foster bigotry. I am indeed blessed to have a wonderful and loving Husband and Children that I adore. How could I ever feel it correct to forbid two consenting adults to experience the happiness and love I have had the great fortune to experience? It is none of my business and I make no judgements about anyone’s relationship, not even yours.

I want to address another of your points. You are kidding me, right? My sweet Mother raised me by herself after the strength she found to leave my father. If I do recall correctly, he was having an affair with the wife of a Deacon of our Church…. Some fine example there for the piety of religious commitment. How insensitive of you to yet again, bemoan the differences of people’s situation. Thank God my Mom had the ability to see a bad situation and make a careful and reasoned decision to end a failing marriage. Are you saying she will not make it past the Pearly Gates because she divorced? Again, we must disagree, I think she will sail right on thru in the express line!  Guess what, I am blessed that my Mom had the where with all to leave a man of so little serious Christianity. My grown children have never met the man. I could care less about him and I figure from the few things I know about him, he is a successful businessman. Big Deal. I wish him nothing but happiness. Not only have I accepted the situation, I was not limited in my gifts of talent and compassion because of my childhood experience. I have lived a wonderful life and I only want those that are faced with different or difficult circumstances to have the belief in themselves that they can make it, because this country believes in the Civil Rights of all. Your church can stand for bigotry all it wants, Mr. Cathy can speak and contribute to whatever he feels the need to support. I choose to take my pennies elsewhere.

The most disturbing thing about my cursory research into the beliefs and associations of Family Research Council is the loss of truth.  Let me rephrase that for emphasis, the meaning of truth is lost with this group. To be intellectually dishonest is horrible but to be religiously-duplicitously-intellectually-dishonest is is heart sickening. They use their prejudices to cause people to discriminate and do it by wrapping those prejudices with the words skewed from the words of God. It is despicable. This method of using Religion to suppress people has been used for thousands of years. It works because we allow ourselves to become entrenched in our opinions, forgetting the real messages of God. Everybody in their right mind knows that the KKK stands for hatred, everyone should know in their hearts that discriminating against those that are different from us is wrong. Did the throngs of people in those lines really know what they were supporting? I didn’t until I started researching the connections.

Let me give you my take on religion. Religion is simple. It needs no mega church status, it needs no TV productions, it needs no microphones. For that matter it needs no word processing. It needs one person with one pure intention to love another. See, it is not complex or complicated. The problem comes with that pure intention part. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but maybe I can change your heart and then maybe you will change your mind. Before you try and play that  “See-I-know-the-Bible-Verse-That-Trumps-You” game the religious-duplicitous always bring out and use as a sword, how about let’s all get back to that one pure intention part…LOVE.

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3 Responses to Too Late to Post

  1. Bill Braden says:

    This subject has been controversial in the least, but it has also been very enlightening to the depth and substance of many whom I call facebook friends. I have enjoyed out back and forth banter through all of this. Your factual footnotes only add impetus to my already strong stance against companies and individuals like Chick-fil-A who use their monies and other resources to fund and support groups that promote hate toward ANY other human being. The debate from my standpoint wasn’t at all about first amendment rights or about pro or con views about same-sex marriage. It was purely and simply about human/civil rights. Thank you for supporting me through the days, helping me to not respond to the ignorance I witnessed more than I did. My near stroke-stage emotions has begun to quieten, but the scar of insensitivity from others will remain forever.

    Knowing your sweet mom the little bit that I do, assures me her place in heaven is secure. No worries on that front at all. Respectfully!

  2. bamamagput says:

    Bill, all the years I have know you, you have cared about people and their understanding of kindness. You have taught the lessons over and over. You have listened to the complaints. You have restored the calm. I have learned so much from you. When I discovered that you took the time to write a measured and respectful ‘unfriend ‘ letter to those that had breached the limits of acceptable discourse, I had to say to myself and now others, there is no nicer man than my friend, Bill. How do you do it , my friend?

  3. beebeesworld says:

    Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you will follow me. I will follow your blog as well and look forward to reading more. beebeesworld

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