Mitt’s Pick… Paul “Eddie Munster” Ryan

I just can’t get past the resemblance.

This is the Democratic dream pick for Mittens! Let the seriously apoplectic, spokespeople do their job. My  job is to share with you the person on the neighborhood streets take on this and it is a doozie! It probably violates some journalistic code to use “seriously” twice in one paragraph but let me go all Mitt on you here, and be “BOLD” in my word selection as he was in his VP pick. SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY and one more for good measure, SERIOUSLY?

Mitter Pitter picked the one man who would bring the Democrats FLORIDA in a hurry! Game over! Getting rid of Medicare and Social Security!!!! Seriously! OH, gosh, the Obama folks are so excited they can’t even sit still and express themselves calmly; their joy is spiked with higher than usual pitch. I almost had to swoon at the thought of a Florida victory, myself. Then I remembered how nasty the Repubs. can be. Watch out for the computer machines programmed by the Republican Casino owners cause they KNOW computer manipulations, that is how they make a living! Let me just put that idea out there as the next “pregnant chad” manipulation. I am going to volunteer for the committee that provides water and paramedic assistance to the poor, older adults, that will be sitting in their wheelchairs, in the heat to save the only means they have to survive.

The giddy Republican supporters said , ‘The Ryan Pick is a ‘Game Changer‘ and boy are they right and right-wing. Anyway, you look at it, it ends in a negative dead-end. If Mitts and Eddie are able to somehow persuade Americans that they do not deserve the benefits they paid for 40 years, then we are lost on a different level. Economic shambles will be the least of our worries. Everyone knows that some limits to the program are necessary. Ok, a means test sounds like a good idea, anyone making over 250,000 dollars doesn’t need  an extra 2,000 dollars a month from taxpayers. Ok, raise the retirement age by ONE year, not the 15 years recommended by the Republicans. Also, raise taxes that multi-millionaires pay. Now that is all reasonable stuff we all could accept. But don’t tax the middle-income groups more just to give a tax break to the wealthy and subsidize the big oil companies and banks. Enough already, BE FAIR. If we do not care for anyone but ourselves, this country has lost its purpose. That was the thing that made this country great, caring about those that needed help.

Don’t lose sight of the simple message of this election. Do you want to keep supporting the wealthy that don’t give one , dirty, rat’s hind-end about you and your needs?  I am blessed to have a very nice life, but multi-millionaires like  Mitt and Paul have no idea what regular working folks have to do to make ends meet each month.

The view from my neighborhood streets, in the republican “Tiny Kingdom,” shows folks are not happy or comfortable with the Mitt Romney. They don’t trust him but they love the “screw you” attitude of Paul Ryan.  The telling thing is how they are still worried because they know Paul Ryan’s budget is toxic. They are putting on a smiling face wishing to forget that special shade of lipstick Sarah Palin promised, and thinking this pick might require some Obamacare to repair, or was it Romneycare?

I am one of the few proud Democrats in my, “hood.” We understand the value of helping those that cannot see the way to feed their kids, or pay for the prescriptions that keep them alive, or think that taking care of the earth is our responsibility as good stewards, or think if you work a day’s job you deserve a decent wage. I am PROUD to be a DEMOCRAT. I really wish my neighbors would move every time that spout racist talk about our President and say they are going to move. Let me help you, I will pack and load your stuff right now. I gladly volunteer to tote your stuff to the curbs, just get yourself right out of the burbs.

And another point, President Obama is solid and contemplative. He is not rash or dim, like Mitt Romney. Examples that might jog your memory to prove this… The gutsy call by President Obama to go in and take out Bin Laden , and then the counter intuitive  foreign visit to London and the idiotic statements made by Romney about the Olympics. Masterful -v- Ridiculous.  Easy choice on that one bit of preparation, alone. But, I am not a paid spokesperson. Who are you going to believe?

There is going to be more days to add messages. But I am wondering , what does the Republican Party stand for now days? It is not conservative, nor budget conscience if it won’t even consider raising revenues for the top 1%, it can’t be for a strong military because it takes revenues to fund that, it is not for woman’s rights, heck it is not even for equal wages. I guess it stands for BIG Business and BIGGER Corporations. That trickle down stuff didn’t work folks. Been there, done that.

Be ready to Go Vote … It matters. Seriously.

Ahhh, this is a cute one with his little pal.

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3 Responses to Mitt’s Pick… Paul “Eddie Munster” Ryan

  1. beebeesworld says:

    Love it-it will be a shame if these two pundits “buy” the election this fall-if they keep talking like they want to take us back to the Victorian Days, they can only help he true Americans…beebee

    • bamamagput says:

      Amen. Your are so correct. I have me snacks ready for the Ryan intro. speech tonight. Paul Ryan is the scary type of Republican. He thinks he is smarter than he really is and he thinks we are too stupid to catch on to the political deceptive babble he tries to pass off as real. He has no qualms with the intellectual dishonesty he espouses. His “Ryan Plan” simply does not add up. It is a no go. It will not work. His social positions are harsh. Tell me why , supporting equal pay for women is harmful? I cannot believe we are still having to address that issue after all these years. Thank you, BeeBee for reading my blog. Since I am new to this blog world, I sometimes think besides my family and friends only creepos or computer spam things read it. Hahaha.
      Your last post was very special. I know how proud you are of your lost son. You could tell by your sweet words and picture, he was dearly loved. You are a great Mom to him.

      • beebeesworld says:

        Thank you so much for reading my poem about my son and the comment on Ryan et al-I thought the hurricane hitting Tampa was rather appropriate for this bunch of Flat Earth Society people. Look up some of the people who read the same blogs you read, get i the challenges ( see my site for some ideas), there are blogrolls-which I dont understand how to start, but read blogs from bloggers you see making comments and if you like their wok, follow them and ask them to follow you. Soon you will have no life but answering blogs and trying to find time to write them! beebeesworld

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