Blogs are addictive… It helps me avoid exercise

Should I give up blogging? I simply love it as much as chocolate. I spend more time blogging than cleaning my house…Don’t say a word Mom, my house stays pretty clean already since my kids are almost grown. Well, at least the rooms they don’t live in are clean.

I skip lunches sometimes to play around with stories I want to tell. I can turn the most mundane story into an amusing blog that at least makes me laugh. People send me the nicest messages from all over the world however, although I do think one person who reads my stuff may be a creepo but I ignore him. Sad little fellow. Pox on him.

The variety of really smart and informed bloggers on WordPress really excites me. You can find the most beautiful photos, political humor, insights into how people deal with life or feel about the human condition, there are people who travel to the most fascinating places you could imagine and there are wonderful cooks that share ideas and meal plans… love those!!  “Draw and Shoot”  posts the most peaceful photographs. Just from seeing her images, I imagine her to be the calmest person on the face of the earth. It makes me feel relaxed and allows me to justify a few more minutes without exercise. “Mountain Bunker” makes me laugh everyday with her collection of political satire and pets posts. “Bougie Black Girl ” is smart  and witty. All of these contributors to WordPress make this a cool place to waste some time. Bougie Black Girl reminds us all we need to exercise our bodies as much as our minds. I know it is good advice but I am in that early phase of blogging where you have to pace yourself.

I bet if I tried hard enough there would be some good exercise coaching advice and posts that would inspire me just as much as some of the others. I am too weak to look for them.  Look, I gave up chocolate, isn’t that enough?

I get a kick out of the writers that offer advice. Gosh, I hope they don’t find my page, I break a lot of rules. SNAP! The way I look at it, I don’t tell you how boring your writing style is so don’t waste time analyzing mine. It won’t change anything, I still love a good sentence splice as much as key-lime pie. Now there is someone who shared a valuable lesson… use the right kind of limes.

Besides the fun I am having, I got a compliment the other day from my Husband ( yes, I choose to Capitalize his title). He said I was really good at writing! How about that? He should know because he is PHI BETA KAPPA and has a career that allows him to write serious stuff everyday of his life. Plus, in his capacity as a Professor, which I affectionately call his second job, he grades other writers. So, there you naysayers! I am for real!

However, with that established, I really need some discipline when it comes to exercise. I don’t get those bloggers that complain about “What do I write about now”, or, “This is so hard.” Yeah, tell it to the hand that is typing this little post while my cardio-exercise is not getting done. It is pretty easy to write, exercise is the hard part. Oh, great, it is raining, no jogging today!

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