Ok, this is crazy.

From a conference earlier this summer, a very respected  Geneticist spoke and gave some interesting facts. He shared information that is available today. He spoke of things to expect in the text ten years because the technology is already available and being used. It was not a sci-fi convention or discussion. This was the real world stuff of today.

I thought of that this morning when my Mom copied me on an email her friends were sending each other. My Mom sent me an email from her iPad with a picture of a group of senior citizens sitting on a bus , the caption said , “Just saying Goodbye, leaving on a trip soon. Since the government is trying to cut the budget, and Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney think it is ok to cut Medicare and Social Security then it will be easier to catch us old folks than illegal immigrants. I was thinking I was going to miss you but , I forgot you will be on the bus, too.”  Although there were several reasons to be concerned about the message, I had to laugh for different ones than the ones you might think.

Here is the Greatest Generation,  Baby Boomers and Thirty Somethings all on the same bus, put there by the Tea Party folks. Every group has a nickname, nowadays days. Name calling is pretty rampant. Before you think this is a rant about the ill-conceived notions of doing away with Medicare or Vouchers or what not, it is about progress. My Mom and her generation were the pioneers of the work force. Some were the first women to make the workforce a place for all genders. Together these senior citizens ,  worked hard for my generation to excel in the professions of science and corporations. If corporations are people, they owe their beginnings with the glimmer in the eyes of these senior citizens. If  Mars excites you, these people made the first space ships giving you the chance for those fabulous pics from the surface of Mars.  Talk about dreaming Big!

So this brings me to the thought that I came away with from the seminar. The speaker said, hold on to your hearts, “The first person to live to be 500 years old has already been born.” Wow! 500 years old. Think about that for a minute. Technology is changing so quickly, legal, moral and everything else about our society is not able to catch up fast enough.

Our politicians want to live in the dark ages. They want to cut all the programs that make us a better society. They want to get rid of the things that we make as a country , unique from all others. We care about each other. We help those that need help. We look toward the future. We fix our problems. We don’t discriminate.

Knowing that my Mom’s friends can embrace the technology of today and look to give us answers to tomorrow, I feel we ought to listen to them and take care of them. My Grandfather was watching Baseball games on a computer before I even knew about Hulu. Give these folks some respect, they worked and raised us and built the foundation for us to look to the future. They paid into the system for 40 or 50 years.

Sure, there must be some real opportunities to make the budgets balance. How about a means test, I can go there, anyone that makes 250,000 dollars doesn’t need an extra 2,000 taxpayer dollars a month. How about the wealthiest pitching in and paying their fair share? They certainly don’t need a 250,000 dollar reward, made off the backs of the Poor, Senior Citizens, or Students looking to go to college. Be fair! There are many fair ways to address our current budget issues but that is not the focus of this particular blog.

I am hopeful and excited  for the future. I hope it’s me that gets to live to 500. Boy, will I have some stories to share then! It is wonderful and I am  impressed that our parents can be a such a strong and vibrant voice for those that may be too weak to speak and those to young and dumb to see the wisdom of their elder’s words.

Yes, Go Vote. Ok, this is crazy, just like the title said. Tell Mitt and Paul to keep their mittens off Medicare and Social Security, until they are serious about being fair. While you’re at it, decide if you think women deserve equal pay for the same job; the Republican duo can’t even decide that issue between themselves. Seem like a no-brainer to me. I think Lilly Ledbetter already showed us the way on that one.  Oh, yeah, where are those tax returns, Boys?

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