Mitt Romney, this is not Newt your are dealing with, this IS The President of The United States of America

You don’t have to like the man who is President of the United States but you do have to respect the office.

Mitt, acting like you are the Dad In Charge may have worked for ya’ when you were dealing with the guy that slung every nutty comment in the world including the moon at you during the primaries, but let’s get it straight here, you are not “entitled” to treat our President, like one of your sons. (By the way you should put that last one you embraced up for adoption because  he is going to bring you nothing but heartache. He is too old to change, he will still be mean behind your back when you are flashing that Ipana smile.) If you have never been disappointed in one of your sons, well your time has arrived because, Paul Ryan is going to use you like a tube of toothpaste. He is going to let Dick Chaney and the Koch Brothers run all over your girded loins. Uncle Carl Rove is going to set the place on fire like a Fourth of July explosion. Nothing is going to be left but the “smoke of a distant fire.” You don’t have the smarts or guts or gravitas to handle those folks.

You, Sir, seem to be the one that is not thinking  and is only interested “in power.” You are the one that is lost and upset that you don’t know how to play a decent game of leadership. Say all the crazy things you want, it is just going to show the country the kind of man you are in a very unkind and unprofessional way.

Again , you do not know how to connect to the Americans. Andy Borowitz nailed it again with his comment,”As a general rule, it’s a bad idea to talk about austerity if you just had a horse in the Olympics.” Same goes for power. Mitt, son, you need my advice again. You are flailing around with the meanest kid you own at your side and acting all pious. Behind your back and on the internet everyone is laughing and saying the things that people who work for you will not say to your face. Allow me, “We don’t like you. We hate the smug kid you selected as VEEP candidate. It has nothing to do with jealousy, you rich dimwit. It has to do with the campaign of hypocrisy  you are living.”

If you seriously want to win the campaign , quit going from TV camera  to TV camera on luxurious modes of transportation. Walk up to people’s doors, knock on them and get to know the owners or renters. Most of them do not have “poor” cooties, they have real problems. Now I offer this because you may have never been to a real “hood” because you have only lived on estates and behind walls, but you need to be careful because some of those folks take you very seriously about that 2nd amendment thing. Maybe you should take a real person with you, like say a Real Estate agent who has never met a stranger (but knows how to protect herself) or a landlord who knows a thing or two about how to collect rent. Watch out for the dogs because the animal world is very close and they know you have had issues with one of their brethren.

Maybe you did ride a bicycle wearing black pants , magic undergarments, white shirt, a black tie and backpack all across FRANCE when you were called to religious duty for 30 months, but that is nothing like the real streets of America. The route you took in FRANCE is in all the major tour guides for loveliness and beauty. You again missed the an opportunity to learn something because you were sheltered or special . Embrace which ever word, your wealthy self can understand.

I am down right flabbergasted that you think you can do like Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona who pointed her finger in the President’s face, and chide and bully him. Where was the Secret service when Jan had her face to face moment with the President? It shows how extremely calm and polite the President can be because he did not use his “secret sign” to tell his body-guard to tackle her and take her down. You Republicans have a very rude manner, second only to your very short level of patience. Did you forget we all put up with not one, but two Bushes and the multiple terms in office they managed to use to run economy into the ground? You folks need to back off and GET ALONG. Our country has some serious issues and you nim-nob-snobs elected Tea Party jerks to run the House of Representatives who successfully stopped every major attempt to help our country because they were too busy being bad sports. Remember the disrespect your group showed the President on the floor of the capital during his speech. Yeah, that was hard to forget even for you dummies. You ought to be thankful, President Obama is willing to take care of this country for another term. Obviously , Sir, you do not have what it takes to even address our best international ally, England , with respect.

Newt may be the crazy dog of your party in the crate on the top of your fancy bus but he bested your lame retorts more times than is “fair and balanced.” Here are a couple snippets of Newt’s version of your abilities.

My favorite part of the next clip is Newt speaking at 40 seconds. He said it all as clear as a bell. Thank you for ringing that Liberty Bell. We hear ya’ Newt. You might have lost me on the “moon colony” but I am right there with you on the Swiss Mitt’s Account.

Leave it to Leroy Newt Gingrich to make Al Sharpton‘s day.

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