Artur Davis , you sold out

English: Official congressional portrait of Co...

English: Official congressional portrait of Congressman Artur Davis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Artur, you can fool some of the people, some of the time but you can’t fool me. I know your friends,  or at least the ones that you think are your friends.

In the first early months of this year, I was sitting  next to one of your friends at a lunch break during a workshop. Your name came up in a pleasant way and Lord, a mercy, the air got red-hot! I had to get our friend some ice water to put out the fire as your formerly old friend and now your new you-still-think-he-is your-friend, ripped you a figurative, new one. Your ears must have been burning in that new media way your are foolishly seeking.

Is the lobbyist business slow? Is law practice down? You burned your bridges with the folks that brought you to the dance and now you have chummed up with the very folks you think are your friends. You have a problem recognizing friends. And let’s face it , this is not about friends, this is about Artur making money and getting on TV saying any hot-volcanic-message to any flunky with a camera and a microphone.

This is so beneath you. You once had promise, I would have voted for you no matter the party affiliation, because I liked you and I knew your friends respected you. But after that cold day earlier this year when I heard your usually calm friend say, ” Oh , he is going all Hollywood.” I was surprised and sad.  I worried about you and your friend. I thought he was mistaken. He told me you were up to no good, I just didn’t want to believe it. Your friend who really knows you is so disappointed in you, not because you got your butt and your feelings hurt in your loss to a Democrat, but because , you are willing to say anything to make an “Artur” media brand. I hate to tell you, but you may make an initial splash, but your core values are at risk of being corrupted. Your flaky-ness is going to show because you do not have the endurance to take your views the long haul. Who ever offers you a buck is where you go because you have that personality flaw, you want people to notice you. You were not blessed with looks or savvy, but you so want to be the “it” person. I don’t care about the message of Democrat or Republican, I care that you are acting like a spoiled child and you are probably going to get your wish and make money, but you are losing the best parts of yourself along the way. The qualities that  your real friends care about and admire are going to be really messed up. Wave to me from the Republican platform at the Florida convention, but know this ole’ gal ain’t been fooled, nor has your other , you-think-they-are-your friends. Life is a journey and I hope you the best, but let’s face it, you are not that important to the world.

Disclaimer… all events and descriptions of people and friendships are just my opinion.

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