Just Decide already…

Once, my Husband was asked to give a speech to a respected group. As my Husband told us all at dinner about the topic, The Prince , not pausing to shovel the mashed potatoes onto his plate, said the words that I so often remind myself of when I feel the urge to share my views, “Boy, are they in for a preaching.”

Making decisions

I have thought about this some and I have decided that is one of the problems people face today. They cannot make decisions. They can spout off things they hear in the news or the things they see on the internet but they cannot make a single hard decision by themselves.

Folks , I am in my preaching mode. If you are not a strong enough person inside to know your own limits you cannot make informed decisions. We all pretend we makes thousands of decisions a day. Actually, we probably make less than we give ourselves credit for because we want to look valuable. Do ants make decisions or do the follow their instincts? What are the things we use to make decisions? We use our brains and experiences. We use the experiences of others.

One of my most astute friends said something that makes sense, “Blaming the Southern Poverty Law Center for the terrible incident by the gunman at Family Research Council, is like blaming the weatherman for the weather.” The Southern Poverty Law Center is there to give us information that we use to make decisions. I respect the work of The Southern Poverty Law Center.

I am always amused by the ways people process information. Why are some folks so easily led to believe crap? From negative political commercials to ambiguous Bible text interpretations, we are all led into the cesspool of murky fallacy.

To counter the feeling of being one, alone, in a viewpoint , we congregate. We find those that make us feel correct. We fail ourselves over and over again. We like to use silly words like ,”I know in my gut.” Really, does your gut talk to you? If is not your gut that is telling you stuff, it is your mind that is making your gut tense and a physical reaction is taking place. As with memories or knowledge, your brain has made pathways between cells and synapses that connect those chemicals and atoms into recognizable mental reactions that lead to physical reactions.

Watching my Grandmother lose her abilities to make those connections from the ravages of dementia and Alzheimer’s, I can gather as we age, the mind slowly reacts to the depletion of the chemicals that helps us all function. Science helps to explain the loss and religion helps to accept it.

We people are willing to believe anything. If someone has a bias , the easier we are to fall prey to the weakest moments in our own individual understandings. Sometimes we are just plain wrong.

However, sometimes when we really look past our own pettiness and are willing to see the other side of someone else’s struggles or accomplishments, we meet in the place of real religion. We met at the place of love. We do good things. We protect the environment we live in  and the people who live here. We soar.

However, people who have ill meanings to their actions, deserve our judgements. As much as we think we know the answer to the simple problem, sometimes we don’t really get it. We can be wrong as easily as we can be correct. However, what we get if we are not willing to make hard decisions is an acceptance of bunk, junk in the trunk, religious hooey, political drivel.

More that anything in this world, as much as we want to be together and have others think we are special, in reality, we walk this earth alone. We leave this world, alone. No one knows what happens after death. You can play the lottery of religion and think you have joined the right religious country club. Or maybe, you can work really hard and decide that religion has some pretty good answers but maybe science and logic have some  other pretty acceptable answers as well.  To me , I think the best gamble is to take the approach that religion has some good points and some really bad ones that I need to be willing to shuck aside, and science and logic can be very good and reasonable and just as comforting as the wishful prayers of the ages, and make me more concerned about the realities I face each day. I choose to be responsible for me. For me at this place in my individual journey,  I distrust those that have motives. I am not one that is easily persuaded by mystic fairy tales. And as comic book philosophy as this may sound, I have always had a leery feeling about cults. Thank goodness that there are still Churches out there that are more interested in teaching “good works” than “hatred”. I wish we all could hear their reasonable voices above the shouts more often.

I am not unsatisfied with my life.

As disturbing and uncomfortable as it may seem to you, I am good with it. So, you ultra religious folks don’t need to waste any more time on me , move on to the next fool you can convince that “hate” works.

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