Rape is not a political issue

Rape is now the latest Republican topic to yell from the podium of “I-want-to-get-your vote” Church. Todd Akin made the comment that, “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Rape is a crime.

Well, I would say this diatribe just made it pretty clear where women stand in the scheme of things to Republicans. He truly feels this way. So don’t go about trying to change his mind , he is beyond reason. His pulpit, does not allow for women to have any say in any thing.

All this time, I have been upset about equal pay for women and this fellow is playing a different game of chess. He said it himself. No need to spend hours on end and words of defense trying to make this all a new message. The message is , he thinks “legitimate rape” is fixed by biology. No misunderstanding in his words.

Grab your veils ladies in Missouri. Cover yourselves up, stay inside, give up  your dreams for education, and forget that promotion, you have kids to raise. You just got the message from the Republican “Man”  that wants to run of your state.

Rape is an act of violence. Trying to convince this man of logic and science is useless. The people who believe like he does are just trying to push your buttons. The evangelical types have spent their whole lives showing public displays of emotions. They live drama. Therefore, they are very easily persuaded to defend their ridiculous notions in the most public of ways, even if it defies belief. To them, logic and science are “the enemy” because it makes them look foolish.

Claire McCaskill, sorry you have such an insensitive jerk for an opponent.

I am going to leave this argument and debate to the experts and the victims.

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