Sayin’ I didn’t mean it when I called you a one-legged dog with a mean bite, is not an apology.

Sayin’ you are not quite as ugly as I said at first , is not and apology.

Sayin’ I was wrong to snit at your snag but you deserved it , is not an apology.

Sayin’ I got friends that have been raped , is not an apology .

Sayin’ you are my friend after I just called you a brown, flying , turd is not an apology.

Sayin’  I messed up when I meddled in your bidness while telling everyone about it, is not an apology.

I could go on. You readers are smart and can figure this out yourself.  It is the people who are NOT smart enough to read this blog that need this message. Wow, does that sound pompous? Yes, it does because, it is. That my friend, is another reason why SOME church folks don’t get it. When you hang around the same bunch of people long enough , you tend to think their farts don’t stink.

When Todd Akin decided to let his Church-y beliefs get in the middle of  politics, he lost his vision. Inversely, when he let his politics get in the way of his Church-y beliefs he was stuck in the quagmire of the mud that some pigs would call home. See how easy it is to redefine words by the logic espoused by dedicated Republicans….Not that I am one or would ever seriously consider it, but I am not stupid. I have voted  for one in a mischievous kinda of vote and I would vote for one again if they were the better person with the best ideas. Those folks aren’t running this time. Ryan and Mittens are the guys on the ticket, no way.

I mentioned this earlier, and President Obama must have read my blog because he said the same thing I did. Rape is Rape. If you are the unfortunate one to be a victim of Rape, you are not going to be to accepting of the terms sayin’ it is something else. At, least , I hope not.

The law is based on true and correct wording if nothing else. Religion is based on a good story. It could have been true and it could have happened that easy way we all want to believe but it is just as possible that it is based on some other time and place 1000 years ago  by politics of another kind of moment and need. For instance, I happen to think the Holy Lands look more like the areas around the where people who have fought over it  thousands of years seem to agree it is located or they wouldn’t be fighting over it, than calm Missouri like the Mormons think are the Holy Lands.


Call me crazy, but it just doesn’t mesh with all the history I have been taught or the artifacts that have been found to call Wyoming or Montana or New Mexico, the Biblical location of  Jerusalem. Maybe the Mormons have a different Google Maps app than I do. Or maybe their GPS means, “God Promise Stop” instead of “Global Positioning System.”

But that is neither here nor there…. so to speak.   What cha’ y’all gonna do about the mess in  Missouri? I guess, I just got an answer from the GOP‘s Platform Draft. And let’s hope it is a draft. It excluded the Rape clause. Okedokee, can we go any further back in time than this? Medieval times are not my thing. I went to a Medieval festival once an I thought the attire was a bit over whelming. The Republican party wants so bad to live in the past, like before medicine and science was discovered, that they will try to legislate anything archaic into law. They want you to drive the latest  model donkey cart. Ummm no thanks. I like comfy seats and air-conditioning. Granted,  Big Oil ticks me off. However, I will have to save that message for later. Right now I need to focus on the politics of the day. I need this blog to stay current. We can re-write history tomorrow.

My question of the day? Do people really want to get in the  personal matters of women that have been raped?  I say, and say it with me choir, “It is NONE of MY BIDNESS.” Let’s say that again for the one or two folks that might happen onto this site and may be too church-y to understand, “IT is NONE of MY BIDNESS.”  Hold that NONE note a little longer next time. Treat it like it is a big ole’ WHOLE note held for two measures.

Refrain: It is NONE of MY BIDNESS, IT is NONE of MY BIDNESS. IT is NONE of MY BIDNESS. …You is kind, you is smart, you is important. Let’s sing that again, taking the words from that modern Bible of The Current Church of the Now… movies…, “The Help.” You is kind , You is smart, You is important. Take it from the beginning.

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