See all this…

See all this, I make the magic. I was looking for a useful quote about affirmations and without even Googling, my friend said this as a statement of fact. Works for me. Search over.

Why hadn’t I thought this before? I’ve been beating myself up because in spite of cleaning out two stuffed closets, I have two more that needed to be organized. After making 1,000 decisions a day during the kitchen redo, I  wasted a whole lot of time this summer. Guilt was getting the best of me. I was unmotivated and unproductive. So, I thought I’d turn to Google and see what all the talk of affirmations was all about. Nothing seemed to grab my interest. It all bordered on whimpyness, something that never has been one of my faults.

I need to make a mental note  and repeat that direct phrase my friend so easily expressed, often and loudly. Where was my solid side? Where was my resolve?  Ahh, enough of the self actualization stuff. I read a blog the other day that said lack of discipline was “ego depletion.” I couldn’t wrap my ego around that thought. Ego depletion was not what made me eat too many cookies or exercise in the heat slower than I need to burn extra fat. I know the reason. I love cookies and  I don’t like to sweaty work-out clothes. I think those things are GROSS. I hate the clamminess of the moisture and I hate the smell. uck.

I see runners racing by all thrilled with their own sweat and I think what the hell is wrong with those people? Haven’t they ever heard of the phrase ,”He thinks his own s#i* doesn’t stink?” Oh , it stinks all right, all the way to high heaven. That is why I have a washer and dryer, to overcome the stench of “ego depletion.”

Now, I am going to try my new phrase du jour. See all this, I make the magic. Hopefully it will help my shambolic mind and body get its act together and clean out the garage. Hahaha, the magic is working already, bet no one knows what “shambolic ” means without looking it up… Except my readers from England!

TATA for now,  time for tea and crumpets. Garage, I penciled you in for a date …tomorrow, between exercise and laundry.

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