I don’t want to Upset the Auburn Folks but…

What the heck is happening in the Cow Pasture? This week alone the Auburn Football team, lost three players , last week they lost another and tonight news broke that the Center was arrested for Public Intoxication.

Coach Cheeze Whiz can’t be happy. I feel bad for the team. GAMES START NEXT WEEK.

If you don’t stop losing players Aubbie is going to have to suit up and the eagle is going to have to learn to catch some passes.

Ribbing and Joking over…

I have something serious to say. Add this to the mix. My neighbor’s son got the tar beaten out of him three months ago at Auburn while escorting some girls to their car. An acquaintance of ours lost her son who was a senior (not on the football team) at Auburn this past weekend and buried him Monday. Her pain is such that no one should ever endure. Those sad events are painful and not isolated to Auburn, something is happening to our children, and we need to be concerned.

Let me paraphrase, a message today from of one of my younger FB friends who was visiting her big sister at Auburn this weekend… My first experience at college, saw a guy on a motorcycle being chased by a Policeman , saw a drug deal, saw a drunk girl cussing her boyfriend… Parents this is not what we all scrimped and saved for our kids to experience at College.

This country is living in times of extremes. The kids of this generation are in a mindset that extreme behaviors are acceptable. Let us all take a moment to remind ourselves and each other, that we are the adults and we are here to help our kids. We are also, good enough to help each other’s children. Let me be the first to say, if your child is too afraid to tell you what is happening on college campuses, tell them to call your best friend. Tell them to call me. I don’t care , I would never judge anyone who needs help. I would hope that if my kids needed something and they were afraid to tell me, they could call on someone to help them. I know you would tell them the same thing I would say, “I might not know the answers but I sure could help them find someone who does.” I know we all feel that way.

College has changed today because as a country we have changed. We think our kids have to be super human because we think we have to be super humans. We talk in extreme language and expression. Kids see that and think that because they have been the ‘acclaimed’ generation that will face no evil . Wrong. They will face evil and real temptations. Acting like , ‘Oh, that won’t happen to my perfect one’ is not going to give you any comfort when you have to attend a funeral of someone who had so much promise and is gone today because they thought it was ok to live an extreme life. It doesn’t matter if they were the choir boy in the church because choir boys don’t have immunity either, it will break the hearts of every church member that failed to give a fair and non-judgemental hand to someone they thought was blessed to be able to run from the dangers and sins they might face. It could be any one of us that are on our knees at any moment. My religious friends , please heed my warnings. You can NOT teach them enough Bible verses to spare them. You can pray , and you can hope. But today, it takes much more. It takes a willingness to say, “I know you are going to drink , or whatever but before you go to the place where you lose control, call me. Call a friend. Call your Mom’s friend. Call your grandmother.  Call a teacher. Call a Coach. Heck, take a chance and call a complete stranger and ask them to pray with you or help you.”  I answer every single call on my cell phone even if it is a wrong number, in case it is some mom’s child that was so drunk they couldn’t dial home. I would want someone to answer my child’s call if they needed something. My husband laughs at me because I will talk to strangers when they make a mistake and dial my number. Once a lady had lost her husband and was trying to call his sister to tell her of the upsetting news. I let the woman cry and share and practice what she was going to say to his sister until she could get herself together. So, if I can do it, you can too. Don’t be embarrassed to talk kindly to the next person that calls you by mistake, they may need you more than you can imagine.

I only mentioned Auburn’s problems because I knew it would get some attention. Again, it could be any college or university in this country. Every school out there is filled with kids making extreme decisions everyday. We have got to be aware and willing to change our extreme anger, our extreme political discussions, and our extreme religious differences; our kids need us. It is important that we learn from a kid on a great football team who had the whole Auburn Family behind him, who was willing to lose control of himself and lose the one thing he probably loves more than anything, to be an Auburn Tiger. I doubt he was even thinking about what he was about to lose when he asked  for that last drink instead of asking for help. Sad. Sad. Sad.

Give the message tonight,  “You are too important to me to lose you over a moment of extreme behavior. It is ok, to be the ‘most in control’ person in the room. You may not be the one getting all the attention, or the life of the party, but you will be the one living the fullest life.”

Ok, Play ball. War Eagle and Roll Tide!!!!

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