I have been waiting all summer for…

Gladioli. These flowers make the most beautiful and simple statement about your home. They present the feeling that everything is comfortable and calm. They make the room share the simple elegance of summer. It lets you know that hurricanes and tornadoes come and leave destruction but peace returns strong and tall and pure and lovely. The shades of these flowers are not grey, they are as pure as you are ever going to see with a muted hint of encouragement. Sometimes the whites of Gladioli is so complete in their pigmentation that it makes me shed a tear.  How can something so beautiful emerge from a mixture of soil, air ,water, and sunshine? I wish I could conjure up that loveliness in all that I see.

Be glad in us, the flowers of summer. The place at the table has been waiting all summer for your arrival.

I can’t. We see too much sometimes. We look to hard for the things we want to see. We skip the beauty in search for something else.

Where is this going , you ask. No where really, merely a moment to pause. Sometimes we just need to pause. We need to stand tall and be calm.

That is all I got today, folks. Let the screaming of the politics pass you by, let the agitation of the discord unwind. Let the anticipation of the week be only an opportunity to expand your hope. The Gladiolus have arrived. Be glad in us.

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