Dancing Through Life, With Ann Romney

It is always better to start off with something nice, but that is not my style. Ok, Ann Romney‘s speech was odd. Was she trying to tell us her life story started by being “picked up” by Mitt? Ewwwwuuu. Not my cup of tea. She kept trying to talk about “Sister love” which was  a little too close the Multiple Wives of Mormon Street for me. I have nothing against friendship, I actually have friends. However, trying to sound all loved up to women was what I thought the Republicans were all against. They sure aren’t for equal pay for women, so I had no idea what Ann Romney was saying.

Photo of Ann Romney at the Reagan Dinner in De...

Photo of Ann Romney at the Reagan Dinner in Des Moines on October 27, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Her laugh was realllly condescending and she knew it went flat. Her claw gestures were scary at best. Her hands looked like they were out stretched ready to scratch the nearest blackboard. They sent chills up my spine. Was the speech writer the “I am not a witch girl?”

Now comes the analysis of the hooey of her speech. Lacking. Done, close the books on it and pray to the Joseph Smith and his hat of visions. Find the golden plates and let’s serve up some wisdom for the masses. Come on Mitt and the Republicans. Mitt is supposed to have more money than he is willing for us to know exists, yet this is the best speech he could buy for his beloved Ann. You’ve been had. It was terrible. I don’t care what the pundits and journalists say, it was awkward at best. Stylistically, it was a miss-mash of a speech writer and Ann the holy-saint-of- book reports-mom-of- five ( just a few short of the Duggers) trying to act like she didn’t have help. I bet she had plenty of domestic help of the non US citizen type.

Sorry, folks but I am not buyin’ it. Let’s face facts, the woman cannot write. This speech showed she didn’t get it, as much as she threw that cackle out , she is not a regular mom. If her mission was to shed light on her husband. Well, all I got out of it was that he was a guy on the prowl and picked her up at a dance. I wonder if that was before or after he played Barber  to a frightened guy with longish hair?

Now for the nice part, because we Southerners always use our manners. Ann’s dress was lovely. I thought the 50’s housewife style was very appropriate. Where in the world did she find it? Oh, yeah the Fabulous Fifties Store where only “you people ” shop. No joking here, it was a pleasing shade of red and her lipstick shade matched perfectly. She must have picked up the beauty tip from another out of touch speaker from last convention who was not invited back this year. Oh, if we could be so lucky that history does repeat itself.

Ann, since you are so good at Book Reports, do you think you could whip up some tax returns for us. I promise it won’t mess up your hair or nails. Now, it might stretch your bain cells. Just don’t put them in the washer like that 12 loads of laundry you so bragged about on the acclaimed Gloria Borger  CNN lifetime docudrama special. If you think you are going to win over women saying you did 12 loads of laundry, you are wrong.  It is a LOSER on women’s issues. Real MOMS are lucky to have the chance to wash two loads of laundry in between their responsibilities. Sayin’ you had time to wash 12 loads is a lie unless you had help of the domestic kind, and then that means you did not wash them, your help did , you only dangled the pay check in front of her. Does your help have the same medical care as you? I thought not. What was the name of that Gloria Borger thing, “Out of Touch?” I skipped most of it , I had real problems to deal with  like finding 550 dollars in the budget for Mountain Brook High School 11th grades fees. Public Education is not free, if you did not know. Paying for college is a whole ‘nother matter. ‘Digg’ that on your dance floor of life Mrs. Romney.

I found this article in U. S New  and World Report after I wrote my blog. I was so glad to see, I wasn’t the only one that thought the speech missed in its mission.

Ann Romney’s Was all Style, No Substance

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