Lying is Not an Option

At my house, lying is not an option. I remember once listening to a Mom who thought her son’s cockamamie story of was true about some ridiculous regular kid stuff they all experience. She turned to him and said, “It is ok dear, you perfect little angel,  tell your side of the story.” It was clear when the boy spoke, he was lying through his teeth.  His eyes were darting all around the room. He couldn’t even look his Mom in the face. I took about as much as I could stand  and brought the meeting to a conclusion real fast when I said ,” Well, at my house , LYING  IS  UNACCEPTABLE.” The little boy stopped and immediately realized he was caught. His Mom tried some quick shuffle like, “It is ok, Star of Mine, we have had  too much counseling for you to regress and tell “stories.”  I almost lost my breath. It wasn’t a “story” it was a lie. Call it what it is.  I inhaled and leaned forward to look the little weasel in the eye and I spoke very clear, “I teach my kids what my Mom taught me,  if you tell ONE  lie it takes THREE to get out of it.”  Well, credibility was  established and the Mom of the “little angel” went into back track mode. I wanted to say the reason your kid lies is because you let him.

So, last night, as I was watching Paul Ryan give “the speech of his life,” I had the same feeling of utter shock. Paul Ryan was on National TV lying like a flea-bitten dog on Predisone. He wanted to scratch and shift his eyes and get his Mama’s approval that it was ok to tell millions of American citizens bold face lies but he couldn’t because he wanted power too much to tell the truth.  He lied about the Bowles Simpson connection, he lied about Medicare, and he lied about tax breaks for the wealth. The GM plant he so compassionately described almost brought a tear to my eye, until I later learned he had lied about the whole damn thing. Are you frigging nuts, Paul Ryan? Or were raised by one of those Moms that let’s you get away with s#it because she doesn’t want to upset your feelings?

Yeah, I agree with the commentators that said the man was a compelling speaker. Yes, he is, in that watching-a-train-wreck kind of allure.

Let me give you my take on lying. If facts do not prove your version, that would be lying. If you fail to give the whole complete account of the situation, that is also lying. Omission is lying. If you alter the facts, lying.  Sounds pretty easy to understand to me.

If someone is going to ask me to vote for them, I will consider it. If he wants to be the President of the United States of America the highest office in the land, then he should have no problem sharing his tax returns for all to see. If you want to be President of the United States,  speak the truth, and expect those that are running with you to do the same.

Looks like to me, if facts dictate that a candidate lied, he should be disqualified.

I have a question for you, are you willing to cast your vote for a person that lies to you and then thinks you are too stupid to know the difference? Mistakes are different, people make mistakes. But out right lying may be acceptable to some folks but at my house, lying is not an option.

Truth matters. I expect nothing less. 


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6 Responses to Lying is Not an Option

  1. Barneysday says:

    Excellent post. Unfortunately, in these times, lying is more accepted than the truth, and is not being pursued by the press for fear of being labeled as being in the others’ court. The RepubliCANTS have been on this train wreck since the last election, although truth be told, the current president could use a little time with your great post.

    • bamamagput says:

      Well, thank you for your comment. Republicans (Republicants…hahaha) have made a deal with the devil,if you ask me. They want to win so badly that they’re willing to take the voices of the ultra religious and run with it. Let’s face it, ultra religious have been raised in Drama. I live in Alabama, I know how they can work themselves up over anything. They believe the most unscientific things in order to profess their devotion. I love the spiritual aspects of religion but to twist its messages of goodness in order to cultivate a untenable conclusion, defeats the purpose of religion. Who in their right mind thinks it is ok to destroy the earth and exploit its resources? Who thinks it is ok to ignore hungry children? Who is willing to accept lies? Thus, the three tenets why I can’t follow the Republican dogma…. Number One…Republicans are against education. Number two… Republicans are against the labors of the common man….Three… Republicans are against the environment. Why? Well, as I see it, they are against education because they want to keep you stupid so they can manipulate you. They are against labor they want to keep you poor so they can make themselves richer and so they can have all the resources for themselves. They are against the environment (to my utter surprise they even use the Bible to say God gave us the resources and therefore it is ok, he will provide more …I guess) because they can get to resources easier without regulation and use them up quicker and cheaper. They do not care about the health of the worker because they don’t care if you get sick, a sick worker will die sooner than a healthy one. And as cynical as this may sound,I think they are against birth control because they want you to have 40 kids so you will have to work for nothing in order to feed them. Lack of birth control options allows for ready supply of young workers to take your place. Why else would they be against equal pay for women? Why else would they be against marriage for those adults that commit to a loving marriage? Republicans have latched onto the ultra religious because it furthers their other goals. I hate to say this but having grown up in Alabama around the over zealous religious types, I can say this easier than most; overly religious people are nosey. They can’t keep their noses out of other peoples’ bidness (a southern term). It is their common experience in life to confess their sins publicly and want to make sure everyone else gets called up to the pulpit with them. The ultra religious folks I know are NOT loners. So to my point about lying, it makes the Republicans feel ok to lie, they think they are doing God will and that somehow gives them immunity, until they get caught. The divide is so great in this country right now, no one’s mind is going to change on either side. What matters is getting to the ballot box. Turnout is important. It is the key. Nothing I can say will change someone’s mind at this stage of the process, but I can remind each person I come in contact with to have some DIGNITY. Decide if you want to be controlled because people think you are too stupid to make a decision. Decide if you think every worker deserves a chance to have enough money to raise their children. Decide if you have enough guts to say, hey, I love that beautiful ocean or lovely mountain top. Decide for yourself if someone is lying to you. Be willing to say, I’ve got enough sense to know when someone lies to me, it is wrong. Decide that science is good, and living in the middle ages is not for me. Decide if a corporation is the same thing thing as a person. From the speech last night, I decided Mr. Ryan was so willing to give up his dignity to gain power, he was willing to lie. His choice convinced me that he does not need my vote. I loved your blog and can’t wait to read more. Thanks, again for your nice comment. We take awhile to make our points here in the South, please read some of my other posts, I think they might amuse you.

      • Barneysday says:

        Having worked in Opelika for a few years, I completely understand your comments. Thanks for the response. And i will look to your other posts.

      • bamamagput says:

        Thank you very much! Opelika, what a small world , I’ve driven through there on many occasions. Is it Roll Tide or War Eagle for you, sir? From my house to yours on this day before the season starts, Roll Tide!!!

      • Barneysday says:

        Sorry, I’m the wrong guy to be talking about sports. Not a fan of the whole sports aura and what the sports industry has become, professional and college.

      • bamamagput says:

        I appreciate honesty! Let me make you an Honorary Bama fan. It is one of the few religious experiences in Alabama that is real! hahaha! Our politics sucks but our football is amazing. Please read my post by Rick Bragg, he nailed the SEC football history.

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