Don’t Be Stupid and Let Don Siegelman Interfere With Your Convention

Last week we got to see the (sore and real) loser from Alabama, Artur Davis, make a speech at the RNC . This week another personality disorder is headed to a convention, Don Siegelman.

Please say no to Don Siegelman. Don’t fall for the crap he will peddle. He is a convicted CROOK. A jury made the decision , you don’t have to. He was not convicted for his political views . He was convicted because he misused campaign funds and used them for personal gain. At least , I think that was the reason the jury finally got rid of the sleezeball. It was probably  his motorcycle transfer of title that was the evidence that the jury based their decision on through a convoluted a maze of intrigue. In the end, VROOOM – VROom -VROoom. He got bought oops, I mean caught. Thank Goodness. Justice prevailed. No telling how much the ex-governor got away with in all the years of slippery, political, speak-easy-slush-mush-talk the man has used. I am no fan. Everyone knows if I were to make a check mark for a Republican, I would be doing it in the mischievous way.  (However, I am not crazy. I couldn’t cast a vote for Roy Moore in the last Republican Primary state campaign for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, but I did put a check in one place of damnation for a reason , to make sure the Republicans wouldn’t elect the idiot Scott Beason.) I do generally like Spencer Bachus(R); I just hope the investigation really was accurate and cleared him of insider trading but I am still a bit suspicious. If we later find out he actually did gain from his knowledge as chairman of the banking interests, I will blog about him then. For now, I still like him. He has always been nice to me.

As I see it, Don Siegelman is a crud-dough. I am not the least bit happy he got a vacation to the Democratic conference, because a Republican Judge gave him a pass to attend the to the Convention in North Carolina before he had to report to PRISON to finish his sentence. All in an effort to make the Democrats look bad. DEMOCRATS, DO NOT FALL For IT.  Don’t let him stand by you for a picture for God’s sake. Don’t let him eat from the same chip and dip platter, you might get a rash or worse. Let him stay outside with the other unemployed folks. He IS the POLITICAL PLAGUE. Be warned !!!!

Someone with some connections, send this message to every Democrat with breath! Trust me, every Republican looking to score a job on Fox will… I am giving your antics away early, Artur. You can’t be trusted anymore. I know you want that Fox job Sarah Palin is losing. Artur, REMEMBER you supported Don Siegelman, once. Oh, yeah, I forgot, loyalty is not your thing, Artur. I found this interesting tidbit on Wikipedia, isn’t it funny how you can find anything on Wikipedia :

Government officials

In July 2007, 44 former State Attorneys General, both Democrats and Republicans, filed a petition to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees requesting further investigation of the Siegelman prosecution.[35][36]

On July 17, 2007, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D, MI-14) and Reps. Linda Sánchez (D, CA-39), Artur Davis (D, AL-07), and Tammy Baldwin (D, WI-02) sent a letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, asking him to provide documents and information about former Alabama Democratic Governor Don Siegelman’s recent conviction, among others, that may have been part of a pattern of selective political prosecutions by a number of U.S. Attorneys across the country. The deadline for the Attorney General’s office to provide the information to Congress was July 27, 2007. The documents had not been produced by August 28, 2007, the date that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced that he would resign.[37] In an editorial that day, The New York Times said that despite Gonzales’ departure, “[M]any questions remain to be answered. High on the list: what role politics played in dubious prosecutions, like those of former Gov. Don Siegelman of Alabama, and Georgia Thompson, a Wisconsin civil servant.”[38] Press reports have suggested that perhaps U.S. Attorney Leura Canary did not follow proper Department of Justice procedures in recusing herself from the Siegelman matter, since there were no filings to that effect made in court and Justice refused to disclose her recusal form under the Freedom of Information Act.[39]

Two personality disorders on the same mission to fame and fortune , both from Alabama. What an embarrassment. Let’s keep our crazy cousins in the attic please. Don’t put them on a stage where only empty chairs can understand them. Hide them , please.

Don Siegelman cries and says he did it.

There are many tales of woe in the Siegelman story. Karl Rove even plays a part. Yes, the boogie man of Republican political strategy is right there in the middle of the Don Siegelman story. I’d love to know if it is true. Nonetheless, Don cannot explain away a nice, shiny, new, fine machine of a motorcycle he somehow bought and  then  back-titled months later for his political assistant as a bonus? Not believable. I may have the exact details a bit confused, it is easy to do in this convoluted mess of a story about a smart man who let his ego get in the way of his morals because he wanted  a motorcycle more than a  state lottery. Certainly someone, smarter than I, knows all the facts and they can surely fill in the blanks. Or better yet, read the court transcript, if you can find it or want to waste a good portion of your free time on a man who deserves to go to jail like every other crook and con. Other things are more important to me like watching the weather channel non-stop, more interesting by far, unless Karl Rove decides to testify, then I am all in and watching till late at night. Don should not be allowed to “vaca” at the convention, he should “stayca” at home making amends to his family and the citizens of Alabama. Be a man Don Siegelman, accept responsibility and quit making life harder than it has to be for Alabamians.

Get back with me after the convention and see if this was not a point the Repubs. used during the convention to exploit! I have a keen eye for political crap, and I am making the prediction now, on Labor Day. Let me be the first to get it out and give the warning…. A Thunderous Roar of  Republican Opportunism is rolling in on the state of North Carolina. Democrats BEWARE! My weather forecast, cloudy with a chance of hail.

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