Blogs…You give them one golden apple

they want two… It is time to give you my philosophy. I love this blogging thing. I love WordPress. However, it amazes me how whiney, people are in this modern era of everything possible. You probably would believe me when I say for every

`I’d give you an photo of a Golden Apple but I would have had to buy the image. Don’t complain, this less than perfect apple is from my own kitchen. Be happy!

one amazing travel blog there are three blogs that focus on whiney, unhappy stuff. Common, folks, you cannot have 24 hours of glee all the darn time. It is quite natural and normal to be miserable some in your life. If you don’t have a moment of sadness, you will never appreciate the moment of joy that sustains us. Every single person falls on their knees at least once in their lives. It’s not how far you fall, it is how you stand up that matters.

As a nation, we have made “pain” a cottage industry. Books, apps. , movies, poems, journalism, medicine, therapy, magazines, food pyramids, food supplements, deprivation, religion, social media, you name it , there is some professional gloomster at even turn. Give them a shiny, new, red wheel-barrel and they will find a way to make that sucker flat before you can load it up with the card board box it came in and haul it to the recycle bin. In times past, we rode around  the yard  sitting in the wheel barrel grinning and laughing like a complete fool, then played with the box. Now some whiney person would complain, that the box was toxic and the wheel-barrel was simply a way to make your back hurt. Oh no, we want our medical care as long as we get to criticize Obamacare.  Wimps, I tell you. We have turned into a bunch of wimps.

To be fair, there is a counter sunshine “cottage” industry. Why can’t we have an “intelligent-logic-self respect-no need to whine” cottage industry? I know, whine with me here…it is toooooo haaaaard. My teeth are clenching, oh no, is that some sort of jaw misalignment issue and another reason to head to the dentist?

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