Stop it! Quit Dissing Regular Americans, Ann Romney

Lately, there has been so many miscalculations on part of the Romney campaign that I didn’t need to point them out, plenty of others did a fine job. However, I am appalled at Ann Romney‘s comments in Iowa, check out this link…Ann Romney is too snobby for me. Unbelievable.

I need a new mop for my soapbox.

Go ahead and try your best to explain that she was just defending her husband, I am not buying it. Now I understand why, in the secret tapes, Mitt Romney said he didn’t want us to get tired of his wife. I am tired and insulted.

Just because you belong to a Uber-Wealthy-Country-Club-Class, doesn’t mean you are better than any of the “chattering class.”Another link that makes my dentist love me,  My teeth are grinding at Ann Romney’s words . She actually complained about her our  Republican Party members and Party Superstars.

If this dyed blond doesn’t get it yet, that not everyone thinks the same way as the cookie cutter Romney wealthy brood, then she certainly does not need to continue the campaign; Ann, give us a break and tell your husband to drop out. Critics come with the territory. I knew there was an air of “in-authentic” about this bunch, I simply thought that the Romneys had more smarts than to insult the rest of us in their bid to the White House. It is not a country club. I so want to use some snobbish names to call Ann, but unfortunately that would put me on the same plane as her. Oh, what the heck, I always have to fly coach and never had a seat on  personal mega private “Romney for American” plane. Ann Romney you are a bumptious blighter… a snobbish snit, a harpy haranguer, an invidious insulter, a terrible tick of a severe scolder. Did you find the hidden description of the  Romneys in that last sentence, merely a little lower class cryptic verse, for the uppity class? Get this straight, you may be Queen Bee at your house, but you are not American’s Queen Bee.

You might can scold your replicates of sons , but you cannot scold me. I have a Mom to do that and she is a wonderful person who has made a great life for me without the luxuries you so cavalier-ly tell us we don’t understand or deserve. You have no idea how the real world works.

I promised myself I would post fewer things on FB about politics, or spend less time writing  on my blog about the campaigns, however, I am not going to let the pompous, chidings and insulting things go unnoticed. In my small unofficial capacity of ‘Regular Person Out Here’ simply wanting our politicians to be unselfish and concerned about regular Americans, I am going to write till I drop about the inelegant things that The Romneys say and do. If the Obamas say some equally unpleasantly undeserved comments about Americans, I will call them out as well. However, as far as I know, never has Michele Obama, in her official capacity of First Lady, ever, made me feel as though she was better than us. In fact, she is better than me. She has a Harvard Law degree and gave up the opportunity to practice law, to be a First Lady. What pray tell will Ann give up? Nothing. First Lady would merely be a bigger megaphone for her to gush often about how much better she is than any of the rest of us poor undeserving, entitled Americans.

Agree with me if you want and disagree if you are delusional. Talk to the bootie because cause the hand is off duty.

I have to finish mopping my kitchen, sweeping my floors, and cleaning my toilets. What say you , Ann Romney?

Ann Romney, this is a broom. It is used to clean, not for transportation.

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