Almost Touched Heaven.

Three rows form the top of Bryant Denny Stadium, almost touching heaven, we perched to see the Crimson Tide play football. They were wonderful. However, it took three touchdowns by Alabama before I got sort of used to the height. I almost got altitude sickness.

I have never been that high in Bryant Denny before. Usually, we sit under the press box on the lower level about 45 yard line, same seats for years. Today, was an adventure. We were higher that the state flag! No kidding. It was amazing. Before you die, you must go to an Alabama Game at Bryant Denny Stadium and sit almost to Heaven. You will hear the  celestial angels sing…We just beat the Hell out of you, Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer , Give ‘um Hell Alabama!!!

Almost Heaven!

Higher than the State flag.

Million Dollar Band

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2 Responses to Almost Touched Heaven.

  1. Jenny says:

    You were a bit high there….Roll Tide! (I really didn’t just say that, and if you tell, I’ll deny it!):)

  2. bamamagput says:

    I won’t tell, Jenny. If a breezy day came along folks would easily lose their Bama Caps and need mountain climbing gear to stay up there.

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