Maybe this is not weird but it looks out of the ordinary to me.

As I spent my morning doing the obligatory attempt to exercise at Jamison Park, I was bored beyond belief until I spotted the enormous nature’s neon sign warning me to wake up, notice things, and quit grousing.

This had to be some startling organism, created from all the strange elements of nature, soil, moisture, temperature, and a probable addition from some neighborhood dogs. I don’t know. Basidiocarps are not my forte’ but color and structure captures my artistic eye every time.

Neon Basidiocarps

I know that it would be easy to Google the specimen. However, I don’t want the knowledge to get in the way of the awe this family of mushroom possesses. Well, not really, part of me wants to know everything about this oddity. I would like to imagine the evolutionary significance of the colors. Usually coloration is a warning in animals or an allure to get a mate. However in plants and fungi, the purpose has a different purpose, the obvious one is to attract insects. This little neon sign was placed in my path, to remind me, that even on when all seems like dull, uninteresting , mundane routines, nature still serves to excite and surprise me.

The fungi spoiled me; it gave me a visual gift, a question to ponder, a moment to stop, a chance to refocus my ability to be awakened  to the possibilities I can still see things with amazement of a child.

Intricate ridges. Pretty good photo if I do say so myself.

What do you mean? What are to trying to tell me?

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