Habitat For Humanity …progress we all appreciate

MBHS Team For Humanity

In this time of serious rancor, we can all appreciate Habitat For Humanity. Everyone knows about their fine work. Say what you want about former President Jimmy Carter, but he made Habitat for Humanity a well know entity. Bill Clinton also made his Foundation and Global Initiative an important part of our collective values. Maybe, Mitt Romney should spend his vast resources working for Habitat for Humanity or the Clinton Global Initiative, Maybe he could help mend his personality flaws that are so obvious on the campaign trail. Months ago, I offered to help Mitt figure out how to get the regular people of this country to stand with him. He was too busy seeking fame and fortune for the last decade to listen.  Lately, he has been exposed for the insidious views he has of fellow Americans. Well, at least the 47%.

Take my advice, quit campaigning and grab a hammer and some nails. Show that you really care about the people who are suffering to make a decent life for their families. If Mountain Brook High School students can do it, surely Mitt Romney can forego a spin on his private lake to help others. President Obama, take a break and help these kids. Maybe   the candidates could skip a day of debate practice and grab some tools for Habitat for Humanity.

I think Mitt’s numbers would improve and it would be an absolutely wonderful thing for his ego. Instead of writing a check, he needs to get sweaty and tired helping others. Come on, Mitt, give up the campaign and get to work. It would help your party and it would clear your head.

I challenge President Obama to don a hard hat and join the efforts. It might serve to show how we all are in this mess of an economy together and  how we can get out of it together.

Today, I dropped off my daughter and one of her friends to work on a Habitat location. I thought that they would be painting or some real simple stuff.  I was wrong. It never occurred to me that Mountain Brook High School Students and Mountain Brook Baptist Church decided to sponsor the entire house and construction. When they arrived, there was one wall. When they left, there were four outside walls and three interior walls. Who said kids are too selfish to make a difference? No one that saw those kids work today, for sure would ever try to belittle their efforts. I am so proud of the Mountain Brook High School Interact Club. We all need to learn from their example.

All in a Day’s Work…together

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