Mitt Romney, are you serious, in a non-partisan way of speaking?

Yesterday, I received my second letter from Mitt Romney. How can I say this so it sounds non-partisan? Ok, here goes. Mitt, I almost fainted when you asked me for, and this is no typo, $75,800. Does anyone else think the amount was outlandish? Who the heck in my world, gives $78,500 dollars to someone who sends you a three page letter and a self-addressed stamped envelope?

Mitt takes the time to ask for my help.

For the meager some of a $5,000 donation, Mitt promised me that “he would connect me directly to a dedicated Victory for Romney person” who would give me “up-to-the-minute” election updates. Thanks but no thanks, I need lots of help around here but I think I can read the election news all by myself. My questions, in all seriousness, will that “designated” person, trim some trees on my property? How about laundry? Maybe go the grocery store for me or will they carry out my garbage? Sorry, but I am a regular American that cannot afford to send a wealthy man like Mitt Romney money, at least the kind of money he wants. His request is like my daughter, The Princess, asking for the full-sized pure sterling-silver GranTurismo Maserati, offered at Christmas in the Neiman Marcus catalog. Love you Sweetie, but not going to happen.

Let’s pretend for a second or two that I could send Mitt Romney $75,800. What would that get me? Would Mitt appoint me Secretary of State or Supreme Court Justice? I bet those jobs are already promised to someone who sent $78,5001. (Oh my, I had another thought about something that might interest me. I’ll share that at the end of the blog.) I am all for buying a couple of lottery ticket every time I go to Georgia or Florida, but in Alabama every dollar means something important to my family. I could almost pay for college for one of my children with that money. It may be chump change to Mitt, and if it does, why does he need a bailout from me?

This is the other side of the coin, so to speak, President upped his request from me to $18 dollars right before the latest  disclosure deadline. Yes, you read that correctly, eighteen dollars. Now there is a man who understands a family budget, one that counts every dime, and is grateful for every penny. Mitt, go raid your offshore accounts, please.

I guess, I will never get to be chosen for the “Freshly Pressed” page of WordPress because I read one of the puny explanations about how they pick “winners.”  Evidently, if you are too political one way or the other, they are not disposed to “Freshly Press” your suit. Well, call me a Loser, because I am just stating facts.  I do not see how you can present this reality without acting a wee bit political? I guess, if I thought it was ok for Mitt Romney to insult Americans for lack of “personal responsibility”, I’d send him $75,800 to say thanks for representing folks like me. WordPress, I dare you to read this blog and “Press” this opinion. If you do, will you give me a chance to correct my typos and mistakes? I don’t want to come across as stupid and entitled, like someone I got a letter from yesterday. Clearly, the fundraising letter letter was another stupid misstep from a campaign that has no clue about ordinary Americans. Wink. Wink. Is that apolitical enough, for ya, WordPress?

Now if Mitt decides to up the ante and gift to me a couple of those Cayman Island Investments while he toils away at the drudgery of the President of the United States, I might reconsider.

See, I told you so! Mitt Romney asked me for $78,500 cool bucks.

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