Separating the B@lls#it from the Truth…

…is a new skill that we all need to be teaching our children. If you thought Sesame Street was doing the job of early education, you might want to adopt a new station to nourish your young ones’ minds.  Truth will be hard to find but you can find plenty of Bulls#it on Fox. Long gone on season migration, will be Big Bird if Mitt Romney has his way. Big Bird will become extinct.

Of all the d@mn things I thought I might have to defend during this political season, Big Bird was not one of them. Do the Republicans really think Big Bird is worth cutting and yet a bloated military is worth keeping. I am all for a strong military. However, allowing military folks to ski in the Alps for free, or enjoy reduced fare pontoon boats for weekend leisure is a waste of money. Giving my niece a $1900 housing allowance to cook a few meals for soldiers in a nice, large kitchen once a month is a waste of money. 1900 dollars for two days work a month? Yeah, nice work if you can get it. No other government employee gets those benefits unless they are Congressman.  Those perks need to go.

Mitt Romney is one polished car salesman, puff and puff  until the deal is reached. To bad for you, if the wheels fall off before you get out of the parking lot. He is takin’ his commission and closing shop before you have a chance to complain. His car lot is on Schiester Street, around the corner of Sesame Street. He merely wants to steal Sesame Street in a down real estate market and close it down, then he can build a Staples,  Bain Capital, or turn it into, Romney Wall Street annex.

This is too much fun, I need to stop and relax. For years the conservatives have been saying Bert and Ernie were gay. What is the fascination of the gay haters in the Republican party. Canning Big Bird is beyond my comprehension. What did he ever do to the Republicans?

Mitt’s debate “zinger” falls into my four categories defining Republicans, perfectly.

1.) Republicans are against education. Why? Because they want to keep you stupid so they can manipulate you. 2.) Republicans are against Labor. Why? Because they want you to work for pennies and die early so they do not have to pay retirement or cost of healthcare. 3.) Republicans are against the environment. Why? Because they want to withdraw all the resources and use them for themselves. They do not care about if it gives you black lung, or other cancers because you are dispensable. They will hire some younger, less educated person to take your place. 4.) They are against reproductive rights for women so that they can keep them fertile thus producing more offspring to work in their factories or “corporations” , thus providing a cheap labor force. They want women to stay home and have huge families so men must go to the workforce at reduced wages to feed their families. Also, this explains why they do not want to pay women equal wages.

All in all, there is a method to the Republican’s madness.

I simply choose to refuse to let Mitt Romney belittle me and my intelligence by saying that 47% of all Americans refuse to take personal responsibility for their own lives. Sorry, I could go on and on. It is a desperate man who picks on Big Bird!

I hope President Obama kicks Mitt’s can down Sesame Street in the next debate.

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2 Responses to Separating the B@lls#it from the Truth…

  1. UTMB says:

    “Do the Republicans really think Big Bird is worth cutting and yet a bloated military is worth keeping.”

    Absolutely. Big Bird is symbolic of “liberal stuff the government pays for.” If only PBS wasn’t receiving the small amount of federal funding it gets, our long national nightmare of government waste and abuse would be over.  We can be sure that’s only part of the many austerity cuts in store for us if Romney is elected. How else could he expand the military-industrial complex and provide more tax cuts for the wealthy?

    • bamamagput says:

      You are correct! My fingers are slowed typing the many points of logic I want to express because the frustration I have at the dullards of the Republican ilk; I am at a loss where to start. It is numbing to reflect on the the things the fools who want to be fooled believe when it comes to the bulls#it Mitt Romney shovels. As the hours pass, I am a bit more understanding at how the President must have felt as he sat through the debate. He had to be thinking, “How can anyone believe this bulls#it?” The debate was a sad sight to watch. Your posts are wonderful and I always enjoy your insights. Thanks for the link, I missed that one in my searches. Today, I am mulling over ideas to write that include debate techniques and what a possible Mitt Romney America would look like. It scares and amuses me at the same time. I must have a sickness!

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