Holy Moly, Roy Moore is Back to Embarrass Alabama!

The Ten Commandments man is back. This time Roy Moore is on a mission to rid the world of sinners aka Chick A flick style. Oh, gosh, I just ate breakfast, I might lose it. Why am I located in the land of political idiots? What great geographical sin did I commit that puts me right smack dab in the middle of right-wing , conservative lunacy? Why did God put me here to be the counter-point to crazies? I ask these questions more often than I would ever wish on any soul on a journey to be a better person should ever have to face.

English: Great Seal of The State of Alabama

English: Great Seal of The State of Alabama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I get team work, I love to work with others that have common sense. How, pray tell, can anyone continue to ask the questions that make people want to recognize truth? I am so embarrassed that Roy Moore is back and wanting to be the Chief Justice of Alabama‘s highest court. This is the man who defied a Federal Court Order to remove a 2 ton granite monument from the rotunda of the Alabama Supreme Court building. The man does not understand the difference between the Bible and the Constitution.

Sigh along with me, now. Yesterday, Roy Moore told a group of his followers, our country is doomed because of gay marriage. The Birmingham News has the story for all to read at al.com. just click this link Roy Moore, the title of the story is …Roy Moore, on campaign trail, says gay marriage will be the “ultimate destruction of our country.” Read it yourself, I do not have the stomach for it after my husband had indigestion and acid reflux last night and kept us awake for several hours. Poor man. I hope this doesn’t give him a relapse.

Luckily, for some fellow Alabama citizens, they missed the news. I hate to add injury to insult but really, Aubbies, my dear Auburn University Tiger friends,  in the scheme of things, you were better off, agonizing about the ineptitude of Coach Gene Chizik than following Alabama politics. Face it, Monday morning you have the Roy Moore story to turn away the fanatic discussions about your lost to the  Arkansas Razorbacks, your fall back story will not even take much effort. All I can say, stop by the Snax and Pax or the Piggly Wiggly and grab some TUMS because you are going to need it, unless, your business recognizes Columbus Day and you are off playing golf. Who am I fooling? Alabama celebrates Confederate Memorial Day but not Columbus Day. So much for accepting immigrants. Grab a second bottle just for safe measure.

There is good news for the citizens who, truly realize that this state cannot endure another embarrassment. I know you are scratching your heads, but it is true. Judge Robert Vance is running against Roy Moore! Yes, there is hope. Judge Vance is a fine man and a very good judge. He is willing to step in and run against Roy Moore because he knows it is important. Judge Vance is a fine and successful man who was willing to stand up and take the opportunity to make sure Alabama is a fine place to live for ALL the citizens. Judge Vance has experienced a personal, real life, sacrifice to make sure Justice is valued in our courts. His father, a Federal Appeals Court Judge,  was killed in his own kitchen by a package bomb mailed to his home. I knew his father. He was a very nice and smart man. He was kind and fair and cared about the value of justice for all. He was a religious man and he appreciated the constitution. His son has the same views. Let us call our friends, let those that can put a sign in the yard, encourage those that care about Justice in this state and country to send a check to the campaign of Judge Vance. Most importantly, contact anyone you know in Alabama and ask them to support and vote for Judge Vance. It IS that important. His campaign has a sight on Facebook (Judge Bob Vance for Chief Justice) that you can read about his efforts to speak to Alabamians. He will never embarrass you, I just do not see how he could. Vote with faith, vote that you want Alabama to be a better place. Take the time to contact Judge Vance’s campaign and let him know we appreciate his sacrifice and his desire to make Alabama a place to be proud to reside. It will make you feel good, in a way that TUMS cannot.

English: The Ten Commandments monument install...

English: The Ten Commandments monument installed in the Alabama state judicial building by Roy Moore. Taken from the Re-taking America website, copyrighted by Kelly McGinley at Re-Taking America, from whom permission has been received to license this material under the GNU Free Documentation License. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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