Bible Babble from the Rabble

Usually, I get a late start on my blog posts. Mornings are simply too busy to devote a few minutes to the  art of discussion or contemplation. Not today, while I am inspirted ( Mom, Dear, that was not a typo, this is going to be a tongue in cheek satarical article… I know that was not taught in your day but it is living and breathing soulfully today) by a little news story in the site.  For anyone opposed to a gently cussing, you might want to click to another read, I extend (again a choiceful word selection of my own invention in the grammatical usage actagory …again on purpose) the invitation ’cause I will not be expalining my word choice or spellong any further in this little missive…their ( I know what I am doing here…trust me…it maybe a smidgen hard to follow but it will be worth it, like that chocolate cake I put in the refrigerator everyone in my house questions me about  often. Who wants the devilish filling to a squeeze out of  between the layers upon melting at room temperature) ( Holy Gosh, I get Sarah Palin  Lingo now!!! Praise the Lord! I have a seen the light, although dim!)

Today’s sermon will be filled with the Holy Spirit, Unrational thought, misspellings and  counter-contextural misgivings…purposeful and obselete. hahaha, I love that one..every long goone ordained minister would be overjoyed rapturfully ( that would be a religious version of cheerfully to you un-sophisticated heathen) at my freedom to misalign  my thoughts and words if order to mislead the masses to the spiritual servanna. My goodness, this is confusing my auto word check and it is getting so ticked it is replacing words with religious fervor or is that religious favorite?

This little article of inspirted biblical babble needs a bit of translation and I am here to provide the direction to the truth, the way, and the dim light I so share with a dysfunctional, ex-governor Mom of Mooseland! Click here: gene_chiziks_wife_uses_social.html#incart_river

Praise be, give God the Glory. He rewards megalomaniacs with the superior inside track to losing football games and not being held accountable. Now that is one Forgiving God!  What the hell was that woman saying?

“We have fans all over the U.S., and I think it is time that they RISE UP and snatch back what satan, himself, has stolen,” Jonna Chizik posted. “We serve a God who recovers ALL that ‘has been stolen’ from us, and there are times that He requires the efforts of His people to accomplish this truth.” 

Is she asking Cam Newton‘s Dad  to return the money donated to his church to the “ALL IN “ Auburn folks? Is she saying her husband is on the Hot Seat of Hell, known as not winning in the SEC football world? Or is the blind Chick saying the dismal football play by this year’s team was not to blame for its losses? Someone robbed them? Seriously, woman of God, the only robbery I heard of at Auburn involved the use of a gun and some offensive and defensive line men, entering not the House of the Lord but the shack with a safe. How about your husband is a terrible coach, ever thought of that one? Those are not necessarily my words alone, the Auburn congregation is shouting that from  Weathervane Spires on top of Barns from across the country.

Oh my how I love football and sermons, especially when I get to use Bible Babble, misspellings, and breaking rules. This was everything I needed to break the monotony of listening to Ann “Screecher” Romney complaining about the complainers that pointed out the lies or in her religious world, truths, her husband managed to spread across the airwaves.

Now boy howdy back to the article, those latter comments offered  to explain Ms. Jonna Chizik’s first words really make sense in that doodle squat kind of Bible Babble way . Ok, let’s be “All In” for a “reverse tiger walk” every Friday afternoon. Maybe she hasn’t seen the email that is viral out there that keeps filling my email inbox.

“All In” for the Auburn family

Now that second attempt to clarifry the first clarification, is some mighty written-on stone-and-carried-by-Moses-piece-of-work, (like the first time he came down the mountain with the tablets, he busted those boogers to smitherens), really screwed with my mind. I think she simply insulted every Auburn fan again, what is that now three times? 666. Wow. she must be advising the Republican crap cleanner, Eric Fromm. Silly woman, it wasn’t Satan that stole the soul of Auburn  football, every good heathen know from wherernts the pitfalls of disgrace occur, Saban, my dear silly sheep in tiger’s stripes. Saban who lets no one sleep, no one smile, no one sing,  and no one whine, is responsible. Saban has infiltrated your pep rallys and Tiger Walks and now the minds of your Trick or Treaters. It makes all Bama fans want  to shout BOOOOOOOOOOOO WHOooot!

Shall we pray?

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