Political Love-Hate Relationship… The Loss of Words

Words are why I hate Politics. The words of this season have been embarrassing. No need to repeat them, their intent was clear. Nothing moves the mind better than a few carefully chosen words. They allow us to ignore the real deep, internal,  study one must have in order to grapple with the most serious conflicts mankind must challenge. No one wants to think for themselves, they want to latch onto other’s ideas and act like they were original.

I doubt that with all the innumerable words spoken this political season, very few people really searched their hearts and minds and fought the good fight to be honest to themselves. Yes, a lot of banter was expressed and many opinions tossed about. But did anyone really listen? Did people really use words to the fullest extent possible? Did they hear truth or did they hear bias and manipulation and false bravado? Words can be scary. Truth can be devastating; it must be to force people to confront the realities of pain, horror, and misfortune that the seconds of breathing and time produce in the synthesis of our cells which allow us to experience life.

Why does it matter? Why do words really matter? There are many expressions to tell us they don’t, “Talk is cheap.” Tell that to a person who has had a stroke and is unable to utter a recognizable word. “A penny for your thoughts, ” the obvious translation, who cares. The childhood strength quoted on playgrounds across the world, “Stick and Stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” There are many that disagree with that sage advice. The world is full of people who use hurtful words every opportunity they get a chance. Politics is the perfect example. It is not enough to disagree with your political opponent, they have to use words that demonize the person. Religious people are the worst offenders. They cannot abide someone who believes differently in opposition to their views because it then would make them have to question the tenets of their faith. To that I say, question repeatedly. If your faith or politics makes you judge or hurt other people, forsake it and move on. It is merely trying to use you and get your money or time or assets to protect a corrupt vision. Don’t be fooled.

How many times do people have to see pain and suffering before they realize it is wrong? Some will never see, yet they will speak impassioned words to hide the truth they are so afraid to see.

I am disillusioned by the 2012 political season. Not because of the thousands of commercials or FB chatter. I am disillusioned by the perfect willingness to lie. To deny truth. To deny facts. To deny logic. To deny fact checkers. To deny rights to express votes. To deny foibles. To deny shallow . To deny counterfeit, imitative integrity merely to get a vote. I am disillusioned by those that seek to deny healthcare to those that most need it. I am disillusioned by the obvious things we all see but yet have to deny because it challenges our comfort zone. I am disillusioned by racism.

However, I adore the process of Politics. I adore that we can choose to have people represent our goals and ideas of liberty. It is wonderful  so many took the time to look past the commercials and false stuff. Some would argue that just reading the material out there is a wonderful exercise. To me, if the Truth was the eventual outcome, then I would feel it was worth it. However, that is not the result. People are too lazy to really have a serious understanding of purpose. They ignore the steps to get there. They make excuses for not having the energy or time to really understand the plight of their neighbor. It is the worst of times, the most selfish of times.

Enough words have been written by me, I am but a small chord of the total voice.  I look with anticipation to tomorrow because I am very sure of my vote. I am confident I took the real steps to get past my prejudices and faults. I looked at my bias and weaknesses and I am happy to say, I am thrilled to participate in the election. When it is all said and done, did the candidate take the time to really make the serious internal deep thinking necessary to understand his responsibility? I understand mine as a voter, and I am sure that President Barack Obama understands his.

Cast your serious and thoughtful vote tomorrow.

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