Lovely Gestures

Feeling the newness of summer approaching, blogging might bring me to the computer a bit more often. Life’s been busy this year. The Prince is making great strides with his law school and intern work. The Princess, has been busy as well, traveling here to there debating anyone that steps up for a chance to get a dose of it. She is headed to Stanford for debate this summer, she was going to VBI  Debate at UCLA but she had a conflict with her leadership conferences. Gee, don’t I sound all smug?

I am. I admit it. Been there and done with that non-bragging thing, “Oh, isn’t your child grand while mine is nothing compared to yours”, slow ball of fabrication. Current Moms are fast paced and durn near sour when it comes to their darlings. The economy has hit hard in all places, the Tiny Kingdom of Mountain Brook is no exception.  At the Publix produce aisle,  I now hear those Moms of past glory trying to justify “multigenerational home additions.” Like heck. Closet space and all the hot water I want is one year away and I am not giving any to charity. Nada, Zilch. It’s all mine and I earned it. Everyday I spend some time, deciding on what new bath wash or bubbles I might need while relaxing when the nest is empty. I think I might get some matching soap and towels with 250,000 thread count from the softest cotton plants God invented. Gonna get my decorator buddy, Bill, to make me a lovely new comforter set; Good-bye Ralph Lauren. Nothing personal, Ralph, but I am replacing the old standbys and I am not going to the RL Outlet to do it.  Oprah, is my new luxury mentor. She snoozes on the best sheets known to mankind, so she tells in her O Magazine. One thing Oprah knows, is how find the most lovely things. I am a real believer after her suggestion to give “Chelsea Market”  fruit and goodie baskets. ‘Thank-you’ notes from all over the country fill my mailbox after I send those glorious treasures to my friends. If you haven’t received one from me, guess you need to try harder in that friendship mode to make my cut. Just reminding, you never know what you are missing out on from this end of the pond or Brook as it is called in this neighborhood. I am expecting to be hearing from y’all soon, my next order is about to be placed. You don’t want to miss the deadline,  so send your nice compliments and lovely gestures of friendship right on out.

Speaking of good things, let me share a really lovely gesture. If you feel like life’s kicked you in the butt, let me tell you about a lady in my neighborhood who lost her 16-year-old son in a car accident two years ago. She spent 6 months writing messages to cheer up her friends and in turn cheered up herself. Are you sitting down, she had over 115,000 visits to her CaringBridge page set up for her son. I see her everyday when I walk and she is always on her cell phone jabbering away and taking the time to smile at everyone that passes. I don’t see how she has walking around sense. The pain she is facing everyday is astounding.

Two days ago, the Princess received a generous debate scholarship given by the lady in  memory of the son the lady lost way too soon.  At the ceremony in High School Arena (as opposed to gym), I was sitting there wondering if the administration sent us a letter to attend the Honor’s Day program by mistake. I mean, we sat through an hour and 15 minutes of the most amazing awards and honors you could think possible and the end was nearing based on the pages long program without one mention of my fabulous daughter. I figured a clerical mistake must have occurred. Instead of being embarrassed, I did the next best thing a good Southern Mom and Alabama Football Fan would do. I starting clapping loudly and  two-finger- whoop-whistling at every Junior or Senior that walked up to grab their certificates of distinction. I’m no fool. You don’t want to be in that massive layer of PTA Mom Hell without acknowledging the offspring of merit. To my surprise near the end of the program where the best stuff was waiting to be given out, The Princess’s name was called and she received the memorial scholarship. I was proud as punch. However, I felt humbled. The Mom of the lost child was sitting a few seats from us. After the program, we made our way to thank the Mother. Before we could say much beyond a simple Thank-you, she said, “Clinton loved many things. He loved Lincoln-Douglas Debate and it makes me so happy his joy lives on through the gifts of the scholarship. It is like he a little part of him is here today. ” Well, no wonder, she had over 115,000 visits to her writings on Caringbridge. She cares about people. She felt as proud as we did for our Princess. What a gracious gift and what a gracious attitude. I mentioned I saw her walking and she laughed and said, “Oh, I am always on the cellphone. I call it my Telephone Ministry.” Hahaha, now how about that, she made me laugh while sharing that special twinkle in her eye of a wise friend.

How can some people find joy in the horrors of loss and others spend years lost in the sorrows never finding joy? I  often see it here on WordPress. Some people gain the strength and insight to allow themselves to move forward. Others do not and keep crushing the chance for some minimum of happiness.

In my neighborhood, we endured the tragic and completely unexplainable horror of losing Natalee Holloway. Her Mother and Father, Beth and Dave, moved heaven and earth, literally, to try to find sweet Natalee. No one stopped. It was a shocking tragedy for everyone who knew her. If any mother deserves peace, it is Beth. Not a day goes by, where I don’t think of poor, beautiful Natalee and her grieving family. Sometimes I see Beth on my walks at the park, I pass her going one direction and I pass Clinton’s Mom going the other. Two loving Moms on two different paths, witnessed by another loving Mom trying to find her way. Beth amazes me in her efforts to make something good come from her tragedy.  She started a foundation to warn parents of the dangers of letting kids travel outside of the country and how to protect them during “Spring Break” trips . She goes across the country trying to convince teens of the dangers out there. Rarely,  do you hear those stories of Beth.

I could probably never get 115,000 people to read anything I wrote, and I will never have a telephone ministry, nor am I equipped to speak to teens across America, much less sit for an interview on television, but I can tell you if you happen to read this blog, lift up others, it lifts you. Seriously. I know it works. I have witnessed it.

It may not be his favorite Bama Cap but It is our favorite all time cap.

It may not be his favorite Bama Cap but it is our favorite all time cap.

Probably there are many reading this blog who assume I have never faced challenges. You’d be wrong. One reason I haven’t written very much this year is because my Husband  faced a cancer scare. Thankfully, he is fine. He had surgery. All is as good as can be expected. He made me smile when he came out of his appointment with his Doctor the other day wearing a new cap. It reminded me I needed to share more hope with others.

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