I still love Fall, y’all.

To Love Again: The Duets

To Love Again: The Duets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I traveled on my journey of exercise. Like my blog, my exercise routine has been rather spotty lately. However, to my exercise addicted Friends, don’t get all gleeful and think I have been completely skipping my exercise and giving you any reason to gloat. I have pounded the pavement more than I have the keyboard. My legs and ankles look wonderful but my fingers and wrists look out of shape. Y’all know I am kidding.

Speaking of joking around. Can we all lighten up a bit? I get so tired of having to type those ridiculous smily faces and phony hahaha’s because my good Southern manners keep me from hurting someone’s sensibilities simply because I can turn a phrase with a bit of humor. It is a gift. We all have ‘um. Why is it necessary to hide my natural witty sarcasm with that idiot who is forever calling me and all my Liberal friends “Libtards”on FB? I’m gettin’ about sick of it and have been asking The Husband what my limits are before I cross some persnickety line of uncouthness in response. I don’t want to be a Repub-utard, oops, I got that last U and A mixed up.

The other day, I ’bout lost my sanity when I had to explain four hundred times to some Tea Bagger on FB that “Obummer” wasn’t gonna put the wacko’s name on the Death Panel list and charge him for paying for Sandy Suzy Cue’s big Boob implants simply because Obamacare is the LAW of the Land.

Despite the Government Shutdown, or  Government Slimdown as so titled by the learned folks at Fox, today was a beautiful reminder of how much I love Fall. I saw about 14 leaves turning yellow on my walk and felt all safe surrounded by the mature leaves of green waiting for the first cold snap when they would decide to let go of their tenuous hold and flutter to the forest floor. It was lovely. I looked at the creek and it was flowing so peacefully, reflecting the twinkling shimmer of the filtered sunlight beneath the canopy of viridian foliage. Then I saw the old, discarded, automobile tire washed there from who knows where. It made me so darn mad that someone could be so careless. The whole image then captured my complete tranquility and held it hostage. Gone. I was like my obsessed friend who has now agonized for 8 weeks over whether to get a 30 inch duel fuel range or a 36 inch range, or was there a need for a 48 inch range with two ovens. All the beauty of the day seemed lost, until I heard the absolutely gorgeous voice of Paula Cole singing “The Very Thought of You” with Chris Botti playing the most seductive sounding trumpet on my headphones. I swear that music makes me a nicer person. Some call it elevator music, but NOW that woman can SING. It reminded me that beauty is not ruined by the one ugly thing that gets in your way, it is the things that surround and engulf you that are beautiful. When you listen to her music,  turn up the sound to hear the mustiness ( and I mean that in the richest most pungent wonderful way like truffles) of her vocal gifts. I really could see my sweet wonderful Husband after listening to her remind me of his wonderfulness.

You see, I have been ticked with him since this past weekend when I cut my finger and he purchased the cheap version of the liquid bandaid stuff you spray on difficult cuts which are hard to cover with regular bandaids. In his ever so man-touch way, which can best be described as “get-over it, be a warrior and deal with it” he pressed the nozzle on the tiny spray can so hard the force made me SCREAM cusses that I am embarrassed to say I know… let’s blame that on some trashy summer reading I did this summer and move on. But the music and the surroundings made my three-day grudge disappear. Who could be mad at someone who loves you enough to fix your breakfast everyday even when your hair look like a hedgehog? Do you know how much he means to me? I should have told him instead of telling my blog friends. I will.  Or as my Latin teacher,  (the one I liked not the one on drugs) the one who used to tell me, “I shall, it is I shall.”

What a beautiful phrase, I shall. I shall enjoy the beauty around me. I shall ignore the distractions and the ugly. I shall listen to the ones who care. I shall forgive those that I must. I shall love the ones who love me even when I don’t deserve their love. I shall enjoy the days of fall.

I shall, y’all. I shall.

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