The swill-val of political survival

That awkward moment. That one most odd sensation when you know you’ve been cornered and you can’t retreat. The reality sets in when you know you’ve push the button too hard and you’re gonna have to make stuff up to survive till the commercial break. How many times have we seen that play out this week on TV by the Republicans explaining why they shutdown the Government?

Come on Reps, it ain’t that hard. It is not like your picking out which salad you want from California Pizza Kitchen. Pass a CLEAN  funding resolution.  Ok, we get it you don’t want people to thrive with AFFORDABLE healthcare. But why do you not want Government?  Has some governmental agency been mean to you?

‘Merica. is tired. Maybe it is time to shuck the whole Constitutional thing after all. Maybe you, Republicans, would be happier with a Sales Receipt saying you sold all the government’s assets and sorry but there is a firm  No Return Policy. Get out of here. You are kidding me. America needs you to pull yourselves together and take your Obamacare medicine. Unelected people who say the crazy things you say get put on anti-delusionsal medications.

Let it go. John Boehner looked like he was in between drinking binges today on the Sunday morning shows. You know the look, the one that vacillates between euphoria and throbbing migraines. Then he made the Swill-val, where he turns from blasting Obamacare to fighting the Debt limit. Who was smart enough to see it?

OK, easy , freezy . Here goes. My idea is…Take Obamacare off the table, end the shutdown.  Negotiate the debt limit all by its lonesome self. Ok. Done. Finished. Go grab the nearest skinny- sunken- in -cheeked reporter and shout that the “shutdown of 2013” is HISTORY. Points go to the fastest person to the microphone. As a reward,  they get to speak first in the debt ceiling discussion.

Only 11 days until we see the edge of the cliff, again. I am so of tired of repeating history.

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