Just a little update on my last book review…

Do you recall my last blog entry, “I need an intervention?” If not, go back and read it.

Well, it didn’t take long for my humorous guess to take hold. Would you believe around page 429 of The Scarpetta Factor a character of a bad nature was described as having “Hypertrichosis“, the Hairy Man Syndrome , like werewolf circus acts? I kid you not. If you recall in my last post, I asked what would come next in her splintered plots,  monkeys with diamonds.


Andy Warhol’s Advertisement entitled , “Before and After.” A wonderful inspiration for my next hidden novel. It has the working title, “If You Don’t Like it…Change It.”

If her books are worth publishing , my two hand scribbled books hidden on my library book shelves would be prize winners. It must not take much to become an author. For those seriously pursuing a career in writing , let this be a lesson for you. Anybody with a nose can write, and if by some unfortunate accident you have lost yours, consider it a blessing and grab a pen and get to work. Remember, if you’ve had your nose worked on, you can get extra points.

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