Pecans, I Love Them

Hey fans, pals, nutty people and all the rest, I’m up an blogging today! Gotta say it’s been a wild time since I last shared a moment in the slice of the life of a regular Mom who is waiting for the chicks to move to the next phase of life.

Let’s see the eldest offspring graduated law school, the youngest developed Type I Diabetes, and I gained a few pounds in all the excitement. Nuff about me. Let’s move on the the quirky nuts and bolts of something that might amuse or enlighten you.

I decided to open the old WordPress blog up to respond to a particularly sad little nut who dropped a acorn of drivel in my email box. Evidently two, get that now, two years ago, in the heat of the Presidential Campaign, I typed a little ditty about our former Governor gettin’; a little vacay from his prison sentence to go the the Democratic Convention by a Republican Judge. Some little pecan got her shell all cracked and decided to send me a heated, little, testy email yesterday for something I wrote 2 years ago. God, I loved it.

Her biggest complaint was I misspelled “sleazeball” when referring to the former Governor;

This writer claims to be a Democrat from Alabama, as though that
gives him (or her) some sort of credibility. Yet the article is nothing but invective.
Take all the invective, glittering generality and other poor forms of illogic out,
and there is nothing left. The writer is nothing but a cyberbully who
provides no facts to back up his or her claims, and
doesn’t even know how to spell “sleazeball” right.
Hey, if someone is going to use slur words as a
substitute for facts, at least spell correctly! 

Woe is me, I left out the space between the words and used an  extra “e” because it looked funnier than the “a.” Honey nut, I get to do those kinda things because I’m “arighting”(hahaha, I love how that looks) for me and my amusement! 

So being the ever Southern mannerly person that I am, and  trying to see what the little cotyledon was upset about, I did a fast and furious little spell check only to find something interesting. According to the new authority on all things colloquial , The Urban Dictionary says I am correct after all;


Urban Dictionary

A person with low moral standards

I invite the nutty buddy to try and get past the apparent alphabetical assimilation of various consonants and vowels and move on to the the real facts. As my old blog included, the newspaper article and video of the man himself saying what happened. Take it up with him, or with the jury that convicted him and appeals courts that agreed with their decision. They know more about it than I do and they have the transcripts. I’m just a person who lives in this state and is embarrassed and ashamed that someone like Don Siegelman  sold out us citizens for a shiny motorcycle. He is one of the reasons why the Democratic Party in Alabama is in such the shape as it is now. 

Now I do have to say, I love the bitter nut’s  use of the word invective. Grammar lesson for the day..

  1. insulting, abusive, or highly critical language.

    You are darn right, little peanut, I am critical of politicians and elected officials who use money and power inappropriately. Thank-you for seeing the beauty in my words.

     Look, I wasn’t born yesterday, I have a pretty good idea who the tiny kernel is who sent me the comment and who was upset with my old post. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. However, a person who is excessively interested in or enthusiastic about a specified thing with obsession, needs to get a new perspective and a new interest. Trust me, things will get better for them. I surely hope so.  To the “commentor”, find a good charity to help, build a Habitat for Humanity house, learn to play a new instrument, paint a picture, accept the faults of people who you love and figure out ways to forgive them. Don’t hang on to disillusions. Don’t think the world is wrong, simply because you feel awful. There are pretty places and tiny wonders waiting to happen and be enjoyed. I feel terrible for the person who was so obviously seeking out my advice with their expression of bitterness; the obviousness of their identity is apparent. I really do feel bad for them. To the nutty cluster, I want you to know, you need to stop your painful journey and find some peace with the sins of the whoever it was that put you in that place, be it your father or mother, or husband, or brother. You don’t have to dwell on it any more. It is over and there is nothing you can do about it. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Just keep movin’ forward. It will get better. If your parents or other people who care about you haven’t been able to tell you that, let me. It will get better.

    Gosh, all this nutty talk has made me hungry for some chocolate chip cookies with  little morsels of pecans and a glass of cold milk. Oh, wait, isn’t it Girl Scout cookie time? Pecan Sandies might be better. Wait, wait, wait… Thin Mints is what I need, the name sounds perfectly dietetic.

    Pecans are my favorites.

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