Who really wants to hear the good stuff? I’m all in for the shake your head kind of story that makes me glad I am who I am, and live the life I live. So imagine my sinful delight when I walked into the kitchen while my husband was watching anything on ESPN that resembled SEC football. The season hasn’t started yet it is like 31 days away but who has time for details? HE, not me,  was watching a story on E:60 about a high school coach in Birmingham who led a double life. When I say, details, well actually, the coach lived in Hoover, Alabama (Think Friday Night Lights-which I never watched.) When I say double life, the man had a double live, and to add a bit more detail, a double family! Who does that?

For the sake of details, I came in halfway into the show and have yet to see the first half. But who cares about details. I think this show/story is probably better to watch that way, halfway over. It gives you the feel of how the man literally, left out the details of his responsibilities for his first family.

Will someone give me a soapbox to stand on as I write my disbelief of the absolute, shameless audacity of this man? I remember when the story broke in the local paper a few years ago and the outrage the community felt about his total betrayal. He betrayed his wife, three kids, his hoochie coochie and his/her three kids, his school, his community, his players, his church, his everything. Now he gets to be on EA:60 as a story of inspiration and how to choose your spouse “who feeds you through a straw” while you recover from throat cancer. Details, I guess it is all in the details. But them there’s some mighty big details.

Never in my married life have I ever felt I chose the wrong man. I might have gotten aggravated at my spouse a time or two, but he has had more reason to be put out with me than I with him. We might not be perfect, but, there goes those pesky is details again, we have stayed faithful. Even on the few worst days of the any unblissful discord we might have encountered, I am sure the man has never created a complete ‘notather family to run off to and goggly goo over. I’d know, cause I have a pretty good sense of smell and you can’t ignore baby spit up on button-down shirts. Especially, if like the coach on ESPN:60 , Rush Probst who had not one but three ‘other family’ kids, if you are the second woman of the day, you gonna smell something. Good golly Miss Molly? Is this man a slow learner or what?

There is a little, legal thingy way to handle urgings of the fleshy kind, divorce. In fact, there is a former hit that even spells it out for the limited in moral character, D-I-V-O-R-C-E by Tammy Wynette. 

Is it necessary for me to say  to the ESPN folks looking for a way to fill air time, ‘good job’, ‘that a way to make a flawed man look ….ummm flawed?’ Details means something different to EA:60 than to the rest of us. To them it’s like thyme is to time, a little bit close, the words both start with the letter ‘T’, but  should we question the broad stroke way to memorialize a wife/family cheater by using soothing music and scenes of the two cheaters holding hands as they run off the football field to the locker rooms where young men are awaiting their words of wisdom on how to life a decent life after a disappointing loss?

ESPN, guess what? We get to judge you for your ridiculous TV family counseling show. Cheater man, have some dignity, go ride horses into the sunset or do something useful like build solar powered wind mills that might provide electricity for those without that modern convenience in Africa. Do something better than try and convince those of us who might think your choices are just plain crude and selfish, that we must change our opinion of you because you can be a good high school football coach.

My advice, if you were to find yourself in a relationship you are sure is true love and it comes with the entanglements of another whole family the cheater won’t give up, don’t. Just that simple….Don’t. Don’t go there, it ain’t gonna be good. If you don’t believe me watch the show. The only ones who deserve to have some dignity in this family drama are the kids and the first wife. I’m saying it. She at least had the good sense not to go on ESPN and share her tale of woe….at least not in the second half of the program, but that is a pesky little detail no one really wants to hear.

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