Relationship Advice part two…because two is too many

I want to send a greeting out to my readers in Taiwan. What in the world must you think of my Southern stories? I hope you all are happily married to the one you chose and someone else didn’t select your spouse for you. In my little Provence of a neighborhood, everyone picks their own spouse unless the CEO’s of a couple of old line local industries wants to enhance the bottom line. Which brings me to today’s topic.

You know I  mentioned just yesterday that having a double identity and double family was not cool. I chided ESPN for trying to make it a sentimental moment of inspiration. But what to my wondering eyes did appear just minutes ago on Another version of a dual fuel home range. Yes, another case of a guy having two wives and living the un-examined life.

This time, it wasn’t a High School  football winning ESPN smooth talking coach but a poor Black man with two wives who found out about each other and decided to recoup some power,  join forces and put this man in the light of day. No silly women taking the indignities of a few congressmen saying smartish things about their weight and hiding it in a few sentences in a tell all book, like Kirsten Gillibrand. No, these brave gals, went right to law enforcement. They didn’t care if their man made it on E:60 on ESPN, they wanted their pound of flesh.  I figure Mrs. Gillibrand wants her pounds of money.

Honey Dumplins, call me porky, call me chubby, call me plump, it doesn’t matter one bit to me. However, I would draw the line at having another spouse, as we all should. Two is too much, except when you are talking about scoops of ice-cream.

As usual, Washington gets it wrong when trying  to show how insulted they can be by different parties. Some how being insulted about your appearance seems mighty small and petty of them when we are have to consider raving lunatics beheading people. Can’t y’all elected officials return from your five week vacay and get some real work done and leave the petty stuff in the closets? I don’t care if a female got called pudgy as Porky Pig. I care about more important things like making this country united again.

I’d originally planned to write my second little relationship blog about the Federal Judge who got arrested for beating up on his wife. I still plan to get all into that nest of psycobubblebabblerabble but I felt I need to strike, and I recognize that is an unfortunate choice of words, but it seemed perfect, while the story was still up and available. Knowing the caliber of their journalistic power, I figured it would be lost in the real important news of the day… Texas A&M beat the stew out of South Carolina last night. My two cents on that outcome….South Carolina was weak. No Gumption. Guess they need to quite watching all the hype on ESPN and hit the weight training room before they get all pudgy. I’m hoping Texas A&M is feeling all full of themselves because they deserve to celebrate. I hope it goes to their pin pointed heads cause despite what the gamecocks gave them last night, there are several SEC teams waiting to bust their bubbles. Roll Tide and a little war eagle.

Cuttin it short tonight . Got to go eat dinner with the Hubby, my one and only.

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