Rainy Day, Intonations in Boredom

Long time no see, friends!  Life has been hectic and crazy. Lots of stuff from the mundane to the marvelous with little bits of everything in between. Sound like a normal life, it is. There is no greater pleasure than to live the boring life. My ultimate goal, always. Save up the moments of boring and cash them in for exciting.


I probably shouldn’t write  boring twice in one paragraph; surely that violates some writer’s rule some where, but you know me, I really don’t follow writer’s rules. If real writers and editors want to come on over here and run my Dyson vacuum cleaner and use my swify duster, then they can describe my life in fascinating ways. Till then, I’m boss.


Being Boss is beautiful. I am at that stage in life where I don’t have to explain myself to anyone, except my startled children and husband on occasion. But even then, nah, not so much. There are benefits to having a simplified life.


For instance today, the threat of rain, kept me busy. I had no reason to jump up and run a mile or two , nothing keeping me from reading Dan Brown’s book, Digital Fortress, (why in heaven’s name did he write such a doofus book), clearly old geezers hitting on young, smart chicks amuses him for some dull and boring reason. Not to do a book report here, but we are discussing the value of boring and Dan Brown managed to get paid for his ennui. I have about 50 pages to go before I finish and can write a scathing GoodReads critique. Oh the joy, I’m planning on laying it on thick, when I’m bored enough to take the time to relive the boredom. I just noticed my iPad is bored because it wouldn’t define boredom.


Shouldn’t we all be so lucky if only Trump were to get bored and drop his disastrous run at the highest office in the land?


Which bring me to politics. Have you ever seen such a mess? I don’t have enough empty memory on my computer to write all the crazy in the campaign world, which is probably alright since every pea brain with a fingertip and an electronic device has typed enough heated opinion pieces to fill a gaseous cyber cloud. Lord only knows, how our lifes will be changed by all the fumes. We only thought second hand cigarette smoke caused cancer or fertility problems. Count your fingers now because all this political puffin stuff , is going to create future generations of digits upon digits , branch style prehensile organs, except those of Trump followers, who already adore tiny hands. I never thought in all my born days, hand size would be a presidential topic.


I bored already, but that crazy image of Marco Rubio giggling about Trump’s tiny whatevers, does make me squint my eyes and clamp my jaws shut in disbelief. He actually thought that through and concluded it was a winner of a press moment. And he was a fancy pants prosecutor or legal whiz of some sort? I’ve wasted my life.

Oh and to bring all the politics back to local, here in Alabama, the Speaker of the House was convicted of violating ethics rules, which he wrote, the Luv Gov is dealing with those that want him to resign or spend a good part of his retirement years in the pokie for is love stuff affair with his campaign / office/ advisor / prayer partner with breasts ( his words not mine), and the ever more Judge Roy Moore, yet again putting asunder  what the Supreme Court decided, and facing removal of office for the second time. Pecans are a cash crop in this state but our political nuts are more delicious and gourmet.


Boredom is an ok state of mind. Learn to embrace it. People who can’t swallow a few moments of boredom do things, like  create computers, or design spacecraft, or dredge coastal lands, or create solar powered cars. But scary things can happen when boredom takes hold of thin skinned yams and they  can’t handle it, they think they can solve the world’s problems.

I’m here for ya, you ever have a bored moment you don’t know what to do with it, just message me. I can talk you right out of that despair. My driveway needs spray washed. I could use a good yard man. I have some clothes that needs ironing. I have some wedding photos that need to be uploaded to Shutterfly and made into cute little books. My closet needs to be remodeled. And I’m sure there are some lightbulbs that need to be replaced somewhere around here; I’m just too bored to go check. Ahhhh, living the good life. Nothing better.







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