Second Chances

Have you ever hoped you would receive a second chance? A chance to explain the things you meant to say instead of what you said? Another chance to hear that laughter that helped you as you grew into the person you are now from those who loved you most? Have you ever wished you had a second chance to reach for your dreams? How about trying to grasp that second chance to show someone how kind you are?

Nothing stops a second chance faster than a shallow person who refuses to let you spread your wings and soar. They want to hold the little slight you may have committed , and feed the resentment and stroke the wronged feeling , and milk it for whatever it is worth. Nothing makes for such a petty person than that kind. Someone can act haughty and privileged and rude, yet if you respond, wham, you are the bad person.

How do you treat those people? The ones who nurse their slights? Who show you who they are and who they will put up with, even if that person was unkind to begin with. Do you turn the other cheek? Do you let them play their little games ? Do you even try to care about those selfish people?

My experience says, those people don’t get life. They have never had a problem in their life they had to be accountable for. They are shallow and only care about the makeup of hiding true character. They lived a spoiled and sheltered life.

I’m not naming names because that would be disloyal. It would be unkind. No one deserves to have their unforgiving nature exposed for all to see. We’ve all fallen short of our best selves.

Hard work. Hard work, indeed, to overcome the times someone  reacted in truth and the response hurt. It is completely normal, for the one who harbors and nourishes their resentments, to share those feelings to get a phoney pat on the back. The sad part is when they are so blind, they don’t see insincerity.

Reactions, to someone being rude, are a waste of time. The real second chances should be to return to the goodness when it has been touched by time and nature. We lose people; we want them back. We long to hear that voice or touch that hand that held yours when you needed it most, or played the music of your life. We want to touch again the person who left us for a better form of the universal love or light. But they gave us something. They gave us hope. Hope that when we finally give second chances, we get second chances. Sometimes, second chances are all we have. Give them. Give them freely. It feels better. It cleanses the soul. It gives strength. It gives hope.

There are so many  differences we are bombarded with each day. Every event requires us to have an opinion, a viewpoint, a box to stand on and preach. Sometimes we go too far, just like when we let our political divisions push us into a endless swirling eddy. We need to stop. We need to throw our life lines and give people second chances. Nothing is so valuable that you can’t find a better way to be, and do. Do good. Do kindness. Do forgiveness. Do second chances. Live for being the one who gives more second chances than anyone. Sometimes being the doormat, allows others to grow. No, you can never really be a doormat when you give second chances, it will not hurt you to give someone a second chance. Accept second chances; accepting second chances exposes the sweet side of life. The constant fever of society wanes when we accept second chances.

It has been awhile since I preached one of my little sermonettes. It feels good to start back these little blog moments. My second chance to do this blog again, maybe I can do it better. Wonder if someone will give it a second chance? Not those automatic weirdo responders, but I hope a real person looking for a second chance or an opportunity to give a second chance finds my musings entertaining, or useful,  or simply thought provoking.  Try to do the second chances idea and let me know how it goes. Look for the opportunity to see the need for a second chance.

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