As I see it…

It makes sense to say the reason for this blog is to enjoy the humor and complications life presents each day. Sometimes I actually have an answer to some pressing situation you may face. I will gladly share my Southern Wit and Wisdom to help you figure out the crazy world around us all. Sometimes I will be blunt in my views, but I will be respectful. Sometimes I will share a photograph that amuses me or inspires me. I love SEC football and the Alabama Crimson Tide and you can count I will share with you “The Season” from the perspective of a family that is filled with enthusiasm for the TIDE! Roll Tide and Rammer Jammer!!! As with all families, there is at least one member that is always doin’ or sayin’ something that is worth analyzing. Trust me, I have a whole bunch of very opinionated relatives that I will lovingly share stories that will either amuse or aggravate the heck out of us. Oh, and I love politics. If you are not interested in the common sense approach to the world of politics, then you’d be better off reading Ann Coulter’s blog. Now that skinny ole’ gal is what we in the South describes as, “All heat and no flame.”… or is that… “All heat and no substance.” Both work, your choice!!!


5 Responses to As I see it…

  1. petrel41 says:

    Thanks for subscribing to my blog! Welcome 🙂

  2. Ming says:

    Just wanted to thank you for following featherglass: the magazine. And by the way, I like your style! : )

    • bamamagput says:

      Why,thank you. I enjoy your interesting blog. I am new to blogging and love seeing the variety of information and outlooks on life and the times. Your blog seemed like it was fun and I look forward to catching up on some of your older posts.

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