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Candy Crush …the new Republican Dental Plan

Candy Crush has saved my sanity. When Republicans took to the media air giving us all their many reasons, which actually really only boils down to one, to explain the evils of Obamacare, I turned to Candy Crush. Yeah, that … Continue reading

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The swill-val of political survival

That awkward moment. That one most odd sensation when you know you’ve been cornered and you can’t retreat. The reality sets in when you know you’ve push the button too hard and you’re gonna have to make stuff up to … Continue reading

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I still love Fall, y’all.

Today I traveled on my journey of exercise. Like my blog, my exercise routine has been rather spotty lately. However, to my exercise addicted Friends, don’t get all gleeful and think I have been completely skipping my exercise and giving … Continue reading

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