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Candy Crush …the new Republican Dental Plan

Candy Crush has saved my sanity. When Republicans took to the media air giving us all their many reasons, which actually really only boils down to one, to explain the evils of Obamacare, I turned to Candy Crush. Yeah, that … Continue reading

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Separating the B@lls#it from the Truth…

…is a new skill that we all need to be teaching our children. If you thought Sesame Street was doing the job of early education, you might want to adopt a new station to nourish your young ones’ minds. ┬áTruth … Continue reading

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I cannot live on my laurels…

Bill Clinton is the Nick Saban of politics. I cannot add too much to that first sentence. Everyone knows what I mean. You might not like his affiliations but you sure love “The Process.” The man knows how to explain … Continue reading

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Apple App seemed reasonable

Twitter does not hold my interest. But to stave off the possibility for Alzheimer’s , I make myself try new technology. I have used Twitter to bust a chop or two at Comcast. Believe it or not, they actually have … Continue reading

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Ridley Scott and Richard Shelby , what were you thinking? Prometheus and S.3220

Ok, I love mythology as much as anyone, but the chance that I would get two modern-day examples in one day is waaaaaaay beyond mystic. I take that as a sign. An analysis of Southern Proportion is in order. If … Continue reading

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